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  1. Ethiopian is really good, and I like the way it's served on the big bread that you rip and scoop everything with.

  2. That's the most moronic thing I've ever read on this subreddit. What a bizarre conspiracy theory.

  3. Thanks for the link. That's an excellent, thorough analysis of a conspiracy theory so ill-informed, it doesn't really deserve such a carefully written article.

  4. Things like this are stupid but should still be pushed back against, because it's easy to go from "all of history is a lie" to "the Nazis were the good guys!"

  5. I feel like those statements aren't targeting the outside world, it's for the people living inside the bubble.

  6. Hasn't their economy been shitting itself lately? I can see them putting on this stunt, just so they can point at the US and say "those guys are dicks!" as a distraction.

  7. About 50% of the time it will send me to GA parking, even when selecting "Gates", especially at LAX and Haneda, which are 100 percent that way.

  8. At LAX I often get sent to some random little building with one single gate, waaaaaay away from the actual terminals.

  9. Yes, great location. Second most expensive place to live in NJ which is already an expensive state to live in.

  10. I remember when it was a dump!

  11. How to stop climate change with climate extortion

  12. juuuuust the right amount of nuclear winter.

  13. Just a heads up. The shooting it down over the water thing was not to avoid damage to any place on the ground. Have you ever driven across the Great Plains? ; ) It was for a softer landing so it didn't blow into pieces and can be better studied. Sort of like how we dropped our astronauts into the ocean back in the Apollo days.

  14. I had the same thought, too. It's also harder for some random dingus to find the wreckage first if the Navy and Coast Guard can watch it falling the whole way into the water.

  15. Something those pilots love to do whenever given the chance is show off the 22’s vectored thrust and high rate of climb. Was at an aviation day event at SeaTac a couple years back when one was on display, and at the end of the event when they had to return it to the airfield, the pilot took his time taxiing, but as soon as he got clearance he took off, quickly jumping in the air long enough to retract his gear, kicked that thing in its tail and opened the throttle. Coolest damn thing I’ve ever seen in 40 years and I was so, so jealous of anyone that’s had the chance to fly something like that.

  16. I don't blame them showing off, it's cool as fuck.

  17. They also sponsor a college football bowl game which I think is fucking hilarious.

  18. I remember Northrop Grumman has Super Bowl commercials sometimes, and I joked that, yeah, so many people are buying a B-2.

  19. I've always heard their 'latest news' reporting is usually up to snuff, it's their opinionated prime time shows where it becomes the crazy train. They were the first channel to call Arizona for Biden.

  20. I know a guy who I'm 90% sure gets paid to repost bullshit and pretend to be an analyst. The past couple days his story has been that Biden is weak and China is laughing at us because he didn't blast it the instant it showed up.

  21. "Weather device." Totally no spying going on. If there's one thing in this world we can count on, it's the word of CCP.

  22. Did anybody believe them when they said it was a weather balloon?

  23. This is going to blow up so here's a strategic placement of important info the space balloon is trying to hide:

  24. Oh damn, I didn't know about that! I hope they're able to get them out.

  25. Pick Up trucks. Most of the people I know that have one even admit themselves that the times they actually use the loading space in a way that wouldn't also be possible in any other normal car trunk can be counted on one hand if at all.

  26. grins smugly in Station Wagon

  27. 335kg for a drone seems like a pretty big payload. I say this knowing nothing about delivery drones, but that's like 3 fat people.

  28. Yeah but if you need a runway, even a small one, that majorly limits where the drone can operate.

  29. Yes, the rank-and-file employees are not going to be privy to "what is really going on" based on direct corporate communication.

  30. I was a teenager at the time, but I remember reading something in Time Magazine about Enron and how they grew so much and it was amazing and blah blah blah.

  31. One thing I notice about the "we are defending traditional values against the sinful Liberals" crowd is that their heros are often wildly immoral and straight up awful people who absolutely do NOT hold to any kind of traditional values in their personal life

  32. They only turned against Madison Cawthorn because he publicly talked about the cocaine orgies.

  33. And yet all the news, even the supposedly "Liberal media," want to talk about are the balloon and inflation.

  34. The crazy thing is, I think the scale might be off, and the Star Destroyer should be bigger. They're a MILE long!

  35. No paved/metal roads between cities that I can remember. It's all outlands with hovercraft.

  36. Lothal looked like it had roads out of/into town in Rebels.

  37. Anyone willing to come out to sea in a hurricane and save me has my respect.

  38. I once considered joining the Coast Guard, but I get seasick in bad weather. And bad weather is like...their entire deal.

  39. My working theory is religion. Beliefs--grounded in emotions; inexplicable, unprovable, absent facts, devoid of science. Magical thinking. As someone raised in it, I have seen far too many connections... but yes, lead poisoning, too.

  40. The man at the pulpit tells you God's Word, he can't be wrong! The man on TV tells you The Truth in the same way, so he can't be wrong either!

  41. It really is a shame. A highly educated public benefits everyone. America could do so much better than having a massive military as our only claim to fame. Imagine if everyone was well educated and had critical thinking abilities.

  42. The founding fathers also recognized this, they were educated themselves and knew than a highly educated population was needed to keep things working.

  43. They can have surprisingly bad traction with nothing in the bed, pushing down on the rear wheels.

  44. I know a few people who I'm glad are not in politics, because they're FURIOUS that it hasn't been shot down yet. Biden might as well be allowing a full scale Chinese invasion according to Republicans.

  45. Meanwhile, Air China has 37 flights a day coming into the U.S.

  46. They're desperate for a scandal to actually hurt Biden, because God forbid the government actually functions.

  47. Surprise to hear, as I own Washington and all their Polish airports and they are very well optimized. But heard there are issues with Narita as well, so maybe those mega airports are their weak point.

  48. It's MEGA detailed. It even has (optional) people inside the terminal, the interiors are pretty accurate (I live in NJ so I've been there a bunch of times) and it even includes the Ikea and the container ship port across the highway.

  49. Back in FS2004 my PC would crawl to a stand still if I turned the camera around towards NYC.

  50. The main difference is incels are celibate.

  51. I had friends who tried to get into the PUA game, I watched a few episodes of the guy's show and just thought he was an asshole.

  52. I mean, both of these are oversimplifications, but essentially yes.

  53. It's probably also bullshit that they don't actually believe.

  54. Greed sucks. I'm not saying we're perfect either.

  55. Hey, I’m all for communism in an ideal world. Working less and still making money? Sharing everything? But yeah, that ain’t possible.

  56. On paper communism seems great if you're an impoverished, oppressed worker or peasant farmer. But in practice, human nature leads to greedy assholes taking power at the top and then everything sucks.

  57. He’s the only one. Most of the others have no idea about Q stuff. They just humor him because they think he’s trying to be edgy.

  58. That's how they recruit, too. "It's just a joke bro!"

  59. Ngl this title is misleading. I was expecting some action. I was expecting a passenger dropping a turbine through the window.

  60. I thought the whole-ass engine was going to fall off the wing.

  61. Honestly, I would rather have this happen in the air, much more time and control to sort things out.

  62. Wouldn't it be relatively easy to reject takeoff if you're below 80 knots?

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