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Maria has been selling Kiwis and Mangos to her customers for 10 years. With everything going on, how is this a priority for anyone?

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  1. After last call I'd just pull out the vacuum.

  2. Oh no, you asked where to put an item and they told you where to put it. Where exactly is the actual sob story here?

  3. So you're telling me you're NOT turned on by that hair? What about the lazy jacket thrown over a night dress? Not even the Starbucks cup full of wine? Is none of this working for you!?! I find it hard to believe/s 😹

  4. I think that it was they implied that this woman deserved to be arrested because someone who had the money to rent an actual store front felt so threatened by her business that they harassed the police until they "took action".

  5. you yourself said "physically" which obviously didn't happen

  6. To give up your body for nine months is both physically and mentally taxing and should never be forced on any person.

  7. yeah and this guy didn't do that right? or was there an off camera moment where he impregnated a person against their will

  8. Please read the comment thread and what I was responding to. No one said any of that or accused him of such.

  9. I work at a huge pier with no host and open seating. We have just one large table that sits 10 people comfortably. The nerve of some people to sit there when it’s just 2 of them blows my mind. We all rotate sections and we all get excited when we get that section because it’s the best money maker and for a 2 top to sit there and order 2 beers and sit there for 3 hours during sunset literally ruins your night

  10. Management should really put a table top sign on that one that reads "reserved for party's of six or more only".

  11. At the very least ask them to place it in your daughter's file that you never want that nurse working with her again.

  12. Ugh. Church groups. Even if they aren't one big group the crowd in general seems to always suck.

  13. I’m definitely going to start bringing something (and yes they are definitely well well off

  14. Make sure you make a point in her seeing you bringing it in and out.

  15. What the heck is she doing to her room that she needs full service everyday?

  16. What the hell was the point of the lesson supposed to be?

  17. So you believe you own your woman? So it's ok to own other people? So you believe in slavery? LoL. Are women not people?

  18. They should have stood right next to the door coughing. As to draw attention to the usher.

  19. I've known people like this. They pay for something and then later ask for money, hoping the guilt will make people give more and they make a small profit "for their troubles and hard work".

  20. Had you even picked one of the cars she sent you she would have pulled the odd logic of "but I helped you buy it" 🙄

  21. I used to get a lot of these "you don't know me, why won't you be my friend, I'm a nice guy" message. I removed my profile pic and suddenly no one wants to be my friend any more. 🤷‍♀️

  22. Old movie reverence. Young Frankenstein by Mel Brooks. Highly recommend.

  23. Did you ever rub it in that he was the one that wouldn't grant you credits?

  24. Were they told to move their car before being serviced?

  25. Or the error didn't look that bad, but then it was.

  26. I hope there's a call to his work describing his behavior and saying maybe they should find another hotel next time. I then hope that he gets in trouble for using the corporate when they know he wasn't working.

  27. I loved these people when I was an AGM.

  28. Exactly. If their company has a set price they are willing to pay and if this person is such a "customer" then the company would have gone through sales to set up a corporate rate.

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