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[Serious] What stole your joy? Why do you not have the same zest for life that you once did?

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  1. So this is a lot....I'm a Ford guy because my dad has old Fords and I grew up in a Ford family. So I Cheer for the Ford teams. BUT my daily drivers have been Toyotas for the past ten years...because I'm smart lol. I LOVE TRD but hate JGR and hate Denny so naturally I don't like 23XI (sports hate not real hate relax) loved Kurt but now he's gone so won't Cheer for any yotas anymore. The Chevy hate(Ford Guy) trumps any feeling of admiration for any Chevy drivers so naturally I don't like any enough to overcome it.....but to complicate things more...I work at a Chevy dealer and am literally wearing a Chevy t shirt as I type this lol.

  2. Not weird. I grew up a Ford guy, then my parents switched the GM and had nothing but issues, and then I became a Toyota technician and I think they make probably the best cars on the road. And I don't care for any of the Chevrolet teams except for Trackhouse, but the hate isn't what it used to be.

  3. The 2GR-FKS has it's fair share of issues, but the plain Jane ones were amazing. The bottom ends of both those are way overbuilt.

  4. Dude I was gonna say this! He drove the Kikkoman soy sauce car

  5. I couldn't have told you what car he drove. I just remember them panning to his car on the track and then mentioning where he was from and I thought it was amazing.

  6. I watched him set on the pole for the inaugural Brickyard 400. He was good in the #1 Skoal car.

  7. He was always better than his equipment, but an overall less than stellar career.

  8. It feels right to see craftsman on a truck again

  9. I'm glad that Craftsman has returned. I had a hard time not calling it the Craftsman Truck Series the whole time Camping World was the title sponsor.

  10. I never watched it until 2011 so it's like some EA Nascar throwback to me.

  11. All of these title sponsors have been gone for years, but Winston Cup, Busch Series, and Craftsman Trucks always sound cooler than anything else because I'm old and that's what they were called when I was growing up.

  12. I read somewhere Anheuser-Busch paid FIFA $100M to be the official beer for the World Cup this year when Qatar made the last second decision to not sell beer at its stadiums

  13. I was thinking that AB (specifically Budweiser) would use that $$$ to help a certain Xfinity team jump to Cup

  14. This is my take. And even then, it's kind of up to the user whether each individual hand tool is worth the money.

  15. Ben Franklin: I take him to Vegas and ask him if he’s happy with America.

  16. I’d imagine we get something like this:

  17. If he wins the Bristol Dirt race by some chance and his sponsor is Tide, I'd be interested to see if their product can not only clean the dirt off of a firesuit, but also the vomit.

  18. As someone who attends multiple races yearly at VIR, I second this.

  19. Might be a hot take but Richmond 1 was a great race imo. Worst was probably the Roval or Martinsville 1.

  20. I was at Richmond 1. It was easily the best race I've been to at Richmond in nearly a decade.

  21. I wish there was a little cleaner racing. So I'll agree with some of this.

  22. It's nice to see some positive comments about the safety of the new chassis. I'm glad he's ok, that was a nasty accident.

  23. I'm not going to like him on track any more than I did before, but I'm not going to openly criticize him right now. I certainly wouldn't wish this situation on anyone, especially after probably having one of the worst weeks of his life followed by the best moment, and then to the worst day of his life. That's rough. As much as I'd give him crap for the way he talked about his religion (and that's literally it, I have zero issues with anyone celebrating their beliefs, there's just a way I prefer it be done), I hope that it helps him get through this.

  24. Fox booth needs to be Joy, McMurray, and Larry Mac. I love Clint to death, but he needs to be given a case of beer and a microphone and sent into the stands to interview people.

  25. If they don't put Ross Chastain in one of those to race against Elliott, they're missing out

  26. Might be nastalgia but NASCAR 98 with Molly hatchet fit really well. Maybe '01 with steppenwolf too

  27. Flirtin With Disaster is and always will be THE soundtrack for NASCAR as a whole for me.

  28. Cup series. I'm leasing a car, and running Kimi Raikkonen at both Bristol races.

  29. No, you still race them like NASCAR did for all of its history. You’d do exactly what F1 is doing now.

  30. Back in the good ol days, I did the same thing after the champion was decided that I did before they were crowned. I watched the race because there were still chances for my guy to win one.

  31. If you told me in February that Ross Chastain would have the second best average, I'd have told you you were nuts.

  32. Chase probably didn’t agree with Ross’ wording on the “move”. I think he probably thinks it was a product of the restart rather than sudden like Ross said. Him not answering that isn’t a huge deal.

  33. Yeah, to Ross that may have been erratic, but I don't think it looked that way to anyone else. It was just one of those Carl/Joey Homestead situations.

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