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  1. They surely are becoming Indian Ajax

  2. India U17 will be playing 3 friendlies this month:

  3. Don't bother abt rankings, for our boys its need of the hour, I'm done watching them play with saff countries, it even more good they exit saff and join waff permanently

  4. Two years back they said india will remain in saff but participate in every cafa tournaments as an invitational team including u17 and u15. I don't know what happened to that thing

  5. When you get a little big, coke will buy u and kill you

  6. That ain't any reason that should inhibit the local players to innovate and strive.

  7. please post these queries in monthly discussion thread.

  8. Okay, I'll take care about that

  9. Thursday to Sunday with 2 games on Saturday. Started from this season.

  10. Sports Minister himself wrote to AIFF. Good thing that along with popular support, political support is also there in place.

  11. The flaw we never knew we had needed

  12. Bhai bhai bhai bhai even i was going to right an appreciation post for him, glad you wrote it and it is better than what I thought I was going to right.

  13. Football is hard to express in words bhai, love likewise :)


  15. I didn't get it. You want to play football but not professionally. So what's stopping you? You can always play and learn.

  16. One of the greatest goals of the league ever.

  17. Don't plant any ideas in my head lol,

  18. Thanks, noted. Wishing you a very Happy New Year as well!

  19. Captain Tsubasa is the basically THE anime about football that everyone should watch.

  20. Thanks, noted. wishing you a very Happy New Year as well!

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