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  1. Ok that's awesome that you're getting your degree and in that field, for one. Secondly, my sister is an early childhood educator and the struggle is real! I get to hear all the nitty gritty gossip and venting, you're an angel and so is she. Doing it for the kids.

  2. I am! I’m going as Lucy Carlyle from Lockwood & Co (inspired more by the books than the show, but the show is also really good). I’ve spent all my free time for the last two weeks making the Skull in the Jar prop 😂

  3. Ooo I'll have to check it out. And the prop sounds amazing, who doesn't want to carry a skill around in a jar 😂

  4. I’ll be sure to share pictures in next week’s thread!

  5. Newton was also actually gay, and there’s a lot of evidence that Emily Dickinson was too!

  6. We only allow it if there’s an allergy, but in our case our entire facility is Kosher so we have pretty strict food rules to adhere to.

  7. I mean I’d like it if they offered both, because I hate tampons and highly prefer pads and know others who are the same, but this dude’s reasons? Hell no.

  8. My coworkers and I heard about it while giving our toddlers lunch at the Jewish daycare where we work. We have double security pads on our front doors, bulletproof glass on our windows, and we’ve just started locking the classroom doors for extra security (they can be opened from inside the room but locked from the outside). We’re all reeling. We’re also only about half an hour from Highland Park, IL, where the Fourth of July shooting was this past summer.

  9. Or “oh yeah, we do have an 11 year old but she’s super independent, you just have to pick her up from school and make her dinner and tell her to do her homework and take her to gymnastics”

  10. It must be true, since he went straight to the very specific brain trauma emergency room!

  11. It was so bad they had to send him to multiple! The brain trauma emergency rooms!

  12. Totally identify with the cold house! So glad spring is upon us and summer almost here!

  13. Lucky! It’s “technically spring” here which means it’s cold, damp, and muddy.

  14. “What would happen if the earth STOPPED spinning?” - a seven year old on the way home from school who’d apparently just had a lesson about the earth’s rotation.

  15. I love both Boston and Chicago, though I was more involved in the Jewish community in Boston. I will say I like Boston a bit more in terms of general city vibes, and the farther out more rural areas of Massachusetts are FAR more liberal than rural Illinois.

  16. Tbh, he’s a baby. A shirtless baby should not be sexualized, I see no issue except for the fact that there are creeps on the internet

  17. That IS the issue. Kids walking around shirtless is fine. Filming it and putting it on the internet is not.

  18. if they’re not going to be serious about it, then no reason for you to! if they question you about giving them gluten, do the same thing - shrug and say he was sad and you felt bad. honestly, i’m done trying to enforce things that parents won’t. if we’re not all on the same page, i’m not putting the effort in.

  19. Nope nope nope. DO NOT give him gluten. I don’t care what the parents are doing, stand firm! I have Celiac disease. Diagnosed when I was 4. The damage done by things like that is cumulative. If he has any sort of allergy or intolerance, the less gluten he’s getting the better. This isn’t a “parents don’t enforce the screen time rules so I won’t either” type of thing. It’s a potentially harmful medical concern. Honestly, going against doctors’ orders in this way can be counted as medical neglect.

  20. I’d get a bruise like that if I walked into something a bit too hard (bad combo of being very pale and slightly anemic) 😂

  21. I won’t let him throw a basketball at his friend’s head. How dare I.

  22. It looks so cool but also I had to go into the city for an appointment last year (I live in the suburbs) and the fucking St Patrick’s day crowds…

  23. I got some sketchers walking shoes and they're super comfortable. I'm considering getting another pair since they're comfy and slip on.

  24. Sketchers also has specific “work” shoes that are so great. Some are anti-slip!

  25. I call my daycare kids my littles all the time, because they’re little kids. Bigs is just a cute way to differentiate the big kids from the little ones. Cute names for kids/groups of kids is part of working with kids.

  26. I can't do cute. Plus, "bigs and littles" has a fetish connotation that I cannot get past.

  27. give me a break. her kids get whatever the fuck they want. not to mention, her children will remember who was there all right. their nannies.

  28. I’d add emergency procedures (not for specifically baby related stuff). Like if your building has a specific fire evacuation protocol, if you live in a state with tornadoes or hurricanes, stuff like that. I live in Illinois and always go over fire, tornado, etc procedure with any new job (I do both nannying and daycare).

  29. I have personally had someone mistake my Star of David for a pentagram. It’s not a comfortable situation.

  30. Maybe you’re in the wrong profession if this is something that irritates you. Small kids don’t have any concept of time so don’t realise that sometimes, ‘we have to go’. It’s a learning curve that you should be helping to teach them.

  31. I love kids. I love working with kids. I love the specific kids I work with. But last week? When I’d had a tough day already and then G5 and G7 were bickering (which was totally age appropriate) all afternoon? I wanted to SCREAM. I didn’t, but damn I wanted to.

  32. We shop at Whole Foods. We can’t really afford it, but it’s the only grocery store in my area that carries a half decent assortment of gluten free foods (I have celiac disease). Also, are any of Other Bethany’s family members diagnosed with any sort of gluten intolerance? Because if not I just found my newest reason to hate here. People who do gluten free as a trend or a “healthier” option make me absolutely insane.

  33. Plenty of people are still breastfeeding at 18 months, which is perfectly normal, and plenty of 18 month olds can either sign or speak to ask for milk.

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