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  1. She’s like a parody of herself: Fake Accent ✅ Baby ✅ Breast Milk Pumping Backpack ✅ Empathy Sweatshirt ✅ The Leggings ✅ Reference to Having 7 Children ✅

  2. Can a lawyer weigh in and tell us best case scenario for Alec?

  3. I wonder if he’s still planning on finishing the movie

  4. I get it. Technically, palliative care is non-curative care, so many people assume it is the same thing as hospice and don't realize that they have had palliative care to bring them comfort many times in their lives.

  5. That’s not accurate. Palliative care can absolutely be given alongside curative treatment.

  6. Can someone explain what happened with LSU? I know two are injured - but how?

  7. My mom regularly tells me she wants to kill herself because she doesn’t remember who she is. She also has begged me to kill her.

  8. Can’t tell if this is a baby or a puppy! Either way, happy for her 😃

  9. Would be interesting to see how many people here have completed a Health Care Proxy as well.

  10. I can’t get over the fact that he took his own vehicle to commit the crime. How stupid can you be?

  11. Their program is now legendary. If they didn’t screen for psychoses before they really will need to now.

  12. I've got a truck, chainsaw, and a couple generators if anyone is in desperate need of temporary power or manpower.

  13. More likely that she’s having plastic surgery

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