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I work as a cabin housekeeper at a state park. People usually sometimes leave tips for us to thank us for our hard work, but yesterday we found this in a cabin. I don't mind hearing about the word of God, but this is just evil.

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Tulip fields in Netherlands (Credits: @nick_skeyes on IG)

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  1. Was the intended effect to make me hate Jesus? Cuz now I hate Jesus.

  2. We look at the quality of the work. Does it move well? Does it show off your sense of design and movement? Do you understand the fundamentals of animation? What kind of projects have you worked on? Are they high profile enough to make me feel comfortable trusting you with our clients? Who else has taken a risk on you at this point? Can you edit? Can you pick appropriate music? Any celebs in your reel? Is it clear what your contribution to each selected piece was? Is it too long or too short (it you're not sure, the answer is probably yes)?

  3. No mouse/cursor has ever, or will ever move like that. None.

  4. This lobster might be super into taking bath salts and taking off her shirt during the DJ's opening track. Cuz if that's the cases that lobster is gonna fucking love myrtle beach

  5. I'm guessing you're 16 or 17... Listen to me please .. you're whole world is about to open up. Go to college. It's a place where your needs will be met like food and shelter, and it's at college where you'll start to discover for yourself who you are, and who you want to become. You get to move out, control your time and be autonomous for the first time in your life. You're so close you have no idea how much your world is gonna change in just a year or two.

  6. If it's 3d, it's pretty simple. It's probably 2 pieces, the twisting hoop, and the logo and they switch between the two with a quick cut. If its not 3d, it's probably that plugin mentioned in the comments.

  7. I would love to shoot a timelapses from here. I don't suppose you'd be willing to DM me a pin drop for this spot would you?

  8. You end up paying a fine and risk getting your shit impounded. It's not worth the stress it headache or fine/fees. Just pay it.

  9. Nah I mean, their kinda right here. The solution is complex and sometimes just feeling shitty for a little bit and sharing it with a trusted but anonymous community is part of the healing process.

  10. This made me tear up a little. People see the value in you, all your amazing traits, as you are. I promise appearance isn’t what’s on their mind. You’re proud of your career, who ever said that wasn’t enough? There aren’t X amount of people you need to be hotter than to feel good- you will and have shone regardless.

  11. I think it's just the sudden flood of long forgotten (buried) emotions that I genuinely thought I had conquered. I put in the work, I thought. I had learned to live beyond those feelings, I thought. It was like being right back in homeroom Jr. year. All the insecurities, yes. But the honest to goodness worse feeling, is wishing it were different. And wishing because that's about the only option you really have. I can't grow another 3 inches. I can't fix my (albeit hilariously weird) beard. And I'm not going to do something drastic to change my face, ya know? I'm stuck in this body for life. I hate it. But I accept it. Or atleast I thought I did.

  12. I'm a producer... We care about that stuff a lot. If it's between you and a select few other actors, we're gonna go with the person who can leverage their platform the best to promote the film when it comes time.

  13. We should be able to see the reflection of the words in the screen's glass. Add it in AE, don't bother with it in C4D or whatever you used. Duplicate the text later, flip it and give it some camera blur and blend (or lower the opacity) . It will give the entire piece that missing but of realism that or brains don't realize it's searching for. Give it a shot, I think it will really bring it together. Cool visualizer idea. Definitely something new as a solution to an old problem.

  14. That hotel takes your security seriously, I like that

  15. Where are all the robots we've been told are coming for American jobs?

  16. However much money you have saved up to move here with, it's not enough. You need to be well financed if you want to come to LA and enjoy it. I've lived here very poor, and very rich... It's way more fun when you're rich.

  17. Yeah some of the graffiti removal crews in a different department have told me stories of them getting harassed for doing their jobs. They just leave real freaking quick and don't even talk back.

  18. So, you guys have to go in stealth into these rough areas and try to remove the graffiti? Like "go quick dude, someone might see. Hurry up and hit that spot we gotta go!" And then haul ass out of there?

  19. It still meets the criteria I have for cheap pizza. It's hot, and it's ready.

  20. As someone who worked at little ceasers before this isnt normal. Mostly because we are given set parameters for how to top are pizza.

  21. It's like 9 times out of 10 is perfect, lol. I like little ceasers pizza the best or of all the fast-food pizza places.

  22. Yes 🧐 but do you have a tutorial to detailing everything?

  23. Hahahahahaha hahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahah

  24. This subreddit feels like 90% of questions are for this effect or something very similar. The 9.9% are questions that someone could easily just Google. And .1% are actually useful things.

  25. It is a beast of a case to do an epic custom loop in. I finally built in my black one I bought when I started the business. Finally able to build it out last year.

  26. My last rig cost like $5k, this next build should cost close to $12k. $3500 is a lot for a cooling solution but to get temps that low, totally worth it. Nice job.

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