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Ouch & $3000 bill to get it out.

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  1. Getting that pulled out didn't cost you 3k. Your lying for reddit clout. Even if you went into the ER (why would you for something so insignificant) you would not be charged 3k. Even without insurance because they have there own insurance for when people come in without any. Iv been to the er multiple times without insurance for more severe injuries then that and never did it even come close to 1k.

  2. -xss says:

    You're clueless. There are plenty of sources online that you can print a gun with that'll be a useful enough for a murder or two already.

  3. No there is not you are trying to sounds smart and get up votes on reddit from people who are being told by the media printing a gun is as easy as pushing the "make gun" button on any old 3d printer. Sure nice to know that those printer switch over from plastic to metal to make all those metal pieces you need. Not to mention the metal lathe you'll need for curtain parts. Do you know what areas inside the receiver will need to be drilled? What about the working of the extractor can your 3d printer print those pieces? So again no you have no understanding of what you are talking about. Stop spreading stupid bullshit to get reddit karma.

  4. -xss says:

    I don't care about karma. My account has fuck all. I'm just sharing information and ideas.

  5. No you are spreading bullshit misinformation about how the country will be filled with 3d printed guns in a few years.

  6. You godda be older, Challenger was like 100 years ago.,

  7. I can assure you im 30Lmfao wtf it was in 86. Literally still talked about in the 90s and in 2003 when the other one blew up it was definitely talked about again. Your a fuck wit dude.

  8. Trapping teaches violent behavior and it is cruel. This is why we have so many incidents in this country like we did yesterday. Guaranteed that kid was a hunter.

  9. Just to let everyone on here know Gary is just trying to farm reddit karma by posting outlandish stuff. Alot of people do it for attention amd a way to make screenshots go viral on other platforms. If you look at his profile you'll realize he works a dozen different job in the last month. And is also a 28yo in some posts and that happens to be a 20yo in other posts.

  10. How do you not check your bank account? Also why dump money into AMC knowing you don't understand options at all? I wana make something really really clear, most of the people posting here just opened an RH account last year and half of them arnt even over the age of 20.

  11. Market is about to lose its floor and your buying calls lmfao.

  12. It's a pig with a photoshopped head of a hyena on it.

  13. I just wana point out here that 6 months before biden came into office 90% of you were all tweeting about how "trumps" vaccines would never touch your body's even though it was the same vaccine being made by the same companies lol. People who get to caught up in political ideologies make me laugh.

  14. You literally don't know how to spell "you're". How fucking retarded are you?

  15. Ran out of material so now hit em with the ol "I can't stop them from seeing how much of a rat I am so ill look for spelling error" lol you really are a low life scum ass bitch. Dude comes here to post and laugh about being a bitch and losing someone else money looking for validation, sympathy and attention. What a fucking scummy ass human. I bet your ex isnt the only one you have scammed out of money either. You truly sound like a pathetic scum bag. Your mom raised a worthless bitch.

  16. It's the second time you've used the wrong "your/you're". That's not a mistake, that's you being so retarded you don't understand the English language. Keep crying about not graduating high school and working for minimum wage, incel

  17. Ooooo lmfao I got your Jimmy's rustled bad. I bet there's more comments from you tomorrow too 🤣

  18. You have a mental illness my man. You need actual help I cam assure you nobody on here is laughing woth you. Your parents must be disappointed as fuck or maybe they are just retarded. I hope you crash and die tomorrow on your way to get coffee.

  19. Wait for bitcoin to drop to 32k and dump it all in there. Over the next 2 years he will see a bigger return then listening to retarded 15yos tell ypu to play options with it.

  20. It amazes me how many people on here cannot for the life of themselves stick up for themselves. Truly how do you let people do that to you and not do anything about it? You worked for hours knowing what was happening? Like for real you gotta have more respect for yourself.

  21. Lmfao it don't matter to them because someone will work for that price but showed them hahahah. Kids make me laugh.

  22. Truthfully you can tax them however high you want, even a 90% tax rate of total wealth and it still wouldn't make a difference to the people, you should be more concerned with how the government uses your money. The government would get a one time payment of 30 trillion but loses future money so they say they want to tax the rich, but they're the ones driving the profits so they try to appease them a little while coming out and saying "they need to tax their fair share".

  23. Thank you atleast there is one smart person in here that understands how things work. Reddit is literally becoming an echo chamber of people who willfully follow and believe everything legacy media tells them to believe.

  24. It's gonna mess up there root development because they are putting there energy into trying to find light instead of where there first three weeks of energy should be going (root development) Now this is not to say you messed up the whole grow because they will still grow and produce buds but it will most likely stunt its growth somewhat. Also that dirt is way to wet.

  25. We have 13:35 hrs of sunlight in the day as of right now. Your fine to put them out. below12:30hrs I'd say wait but over 13 and it won't flower.

  26. You wet wipe, the force of you poking the copper goes directly into the bottom of the crucible, it’s a relatively minor risk, but I’d hate for you to learn the hard way

  27. Lol I just come start shit with pedos to rustle their Jimmy's. You can always tell which ones by how loud they get in the comments lmfao. Yours in an appropriate response. Thank you.

  28. Ya bud like your not out there trying to indoctrinat kids into sexually explicit shit with a name like that.

  29. Androgen blockers are the main part of HRT. Trans women do not have male testosterone. This alters muscle mass development to that of a cis woman over time, making it fair.

  30. Androgen blockers take testosterone down a very significant amount but not to the point to where they are equal to a biological women's levels. And for the years before that treatment their bodies are growing with testosterone which results in denser muscle growth, denser bones along with a bigger skeletal structure, stronger ligaments, bigger lung capacity and bigger hearts that allow far more oxygenated blood to be pumped to the extremities faster which result in far better performance. Androgen blockers do not reduce any of those things except for testosterone levels, muscle mass will be reduced for a male body but compared to a bio female they will still be able to build muscle faster and stronger even on ad blockers. You can't undo bone density and structure ,lung or heart size all of which give a huge advantage over bio females. It is 100% just like being on performance enhanceing drugs.

  31. I was very clearly told by my doctor that my androgen is within the female range so I don't know what you're talking about. As for skeleton & organ size this does give an athletic advantage, but many cis woman athletes are naturally large as well so I wouldn't consider it unfair.

  32. Yes but the difference being your not training 6 days a week year after year at a professional sports level. There's a point to where ad blockers can only work so well and then the body will out preform those blockers because of the intensity of the training which leads the bio male body to produce more testosterone. Also the body will spike testosterone levels during the events because that's what bio males body's do during times of intense physical excursions. And while yes there are some naturally larger and stronger bio women out there preforming at these events they are still not at the levels of a biological male even males on HRT. Now the other thing to say here is we are not talking about average people, of course average Joe that transitions to female and then all of a sudden says I want to go run in the Olympic 100 meter race will get absolutely pummeled by those bio women. We are talking about males who trained heavily for years before transitioning and then switch from male Olympic or prof sports to women events or sports, those people will always have that advantage of the years they trained there body with high levels of testosterone. Being honest we will never see a FTM be able to compete in any male Olympics event or sport and be a top contender it just won't happen because of the overwhelming advantage a bio males body has over a bio females body even if they are taking testosterone injections. That's why we are only seeing the argument about banning MTF from women sports.

  33. Shit I just use dirt plugs with some clone gel and put them in a Walmart $5 tomato plant dome and hand spray them every two hrs or so also keep the room around 80-85 degrees. 100% success rate everytime.

  34. I'd probably throw it away then spend the next month or two studying on how to grow properly and then try again. You obviously have never opened a book or even a forum online to try and educate on how to grow even a little. Seriously feeding seaweed once a month??? Like come on man feeding and watering is basic basic info. Smdh.

  35. This is gonna sound stupid but how do you get around the plants to water them with them packed in there so tight? Do you have a drip system inplace?

  36. Hand watered. You can actually part them down the middle and access each one really easily. Spread out like this was just to achieve sea of green with the bigger plants.

  37. Oh nice ! I grow outdoors so I have all the room in the world between plants. I always wonder how the fuck people get into the middle of there grow rooms lol Thanks.

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