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Megathread: Manhattan Grand Jury Votes To Indict Trump

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  1. Sex in the middle of a large crowd at a concert that turns into a massive orgy while the band keeps playing

  2. I make sure the place we're at is wheelchair accessible and accommodate her as necessary. Why would I do anything else?

  3. Middle earth has taverns with menus. Orcs aren't so far removed from the workings of Man that they wouldn't know what a menu is.

  4. I'll believe it when I see it. People have been saying the same thing on this sub for months if not years at this point. No reassurance needed. I'm holding until at least the summer so I can have me some tax free long term capital gains.


  6. The Republican Party wouldn't even choose him as a candidate in '24 fi he's behind bars. It's not even a matter of whether he runs or not. And he will run no matter what, because his aim is to make money from his stupid supporters.

  7. Being indicted just means either he will be offered a plea deal (what that entails depends on the severity of the crime), or he will stand trial to be found guilty or not guilty of said crime he is being charged with. Nobody can say what it means for the US as a whole, but it's at least showing that a former President of the US can be charged with criminal activity by an impartial jury of his peers (as the law system is intended to work for ALL citizens.)

  8. He may be unopposed, but a LOt of Trump supporters will never vote for him. They'd just write in Trump, even if he isn't electable.

  9. I don't use it because for the year or two I was on there, I never got a single match with anyone real. I'm an average looking guy, but that's not good enough for online dating.

  10. Well, he can't serve house arrest in Florida. And he can't be pardoned by the president.

  11. Plea bargain means he admits guilt. He admits he lost. Do you think he's capable of that?

  12. lol never said the poor people were buying them. The conspiracy is that the wealthy elite have a pool of money they all contribute to for the sole purpose of buying weapons to get out on the streets to keep those poor populations at war with themselves.

  13. Also: Ancient Egyptians didn't know how to do cardiac surgery. So... there's that.

  14. lolol yes, there is that as well :D But if that technology and knowledge existed back then.... they probably wouldn't perform them due to religious reasons.

  15. Let's just hope his people don't start a war over this

  16. War can't happen if you don't show up. You really think his "people" are gonna get up off the couch and magically not have a host of physical and mental health issues?

  17. I've seen a number of bodega cats wandering around that area during the warmer months (and sometimes late autumn). They're super friendly and sweet and I'm glad this one made it inside for the cold weather.

  18. I've literally seen children behave with more composure when they aren't getting what they want. Something tells me her parents gave her everything she wanted as soon as she showed the tiniest bit of dissatisfaction.

  19. Man some older anime had such charming artstyles. I grew up with them so it is definetly nostalgia, but I love the fancy hair, the eyes and the more handdrawn look

  20. lol it's a more hand drawn look because the technology to animate otherwise barely existed (if at all.) Everything was hand drawn :)

  21. Other people. Like, not in a bad way, I just can't be fucking bothered with the randomness of meeting and getting to know people in a social setting. I have a small group of friends already that I meet with on a semi-regular basis, and one friend who I usually see about once a week for a hangout or food. I'm on the market for dating, but it's pretty dismal out there (because again, I can't be bothered to do the whole song and dance "Oh, let's play 20 questions until one of us fucks off because we got 1 question wrong.") Guess I'll tack that on, too: Dating in your 30s suuuucks. Hell dating at any age is bullshit. If I find 3 things positive about you and you find 3 things positive about me, we should see one another for 2 weeks to see if we'll work out. If by the end of the 2 weeks (that means at least 2 outings with fun activities), we don't develop any feelings for one another, we go our separate ways. Not this "Oh, I didn't feel any romantic attraction for you after having coffee for all of 1 hour in a very public setting." Like, how the FUCK are you supposed to feel anything for anyone in the space of an hour? Nah, that'd just be lust or something. Not love. Not even "like".

  22. The Lobster. It's just pure WTF. I'm not saying anything else. You can look that shit up yourself.

  23. Lovely example of being honest while still being tactful. I don't know if it's realistic that people will have such a skill, as I would guess this sort of understanding of timing and consideration takes a certain level of practice. It would be really great to see others making a genuine effort to learn such methods of consideration and thinking about how their words, in any movement, might affect someone.

  24. I will never understand the full blown hate against the trans community.

  25. I will never understand why people can't just let other people live how they want, so long as they aren't hurting anyone (OBJECTIVELY). The opinion that somehow these people living their lives independent of you is hurting someone else, is WRONG. Such an opinion isn't truth, and the feeling that it should be doesn't make it so. Suck it up and fuck off.

  26. "If someone wants to come into Golden Gate Park and bow down to a stone or to a tree, that's their business and we could care less."

  27. Buddhism? Maybe? Im pretty sure the Satanic Temple largely does their own thing aside from standing up for people's rights.

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