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  1. Did both. Problem still exists. Still can’t login after TM backup. Restart loop occurs

  2. You need 10%-15% of SSD free for swapping and wear levelling otherwise you maybe be reducing the life of your SSD and in case of M1/M2 Mac itself

  3. How would I do that? Why? Because I'm trying to figure out something to see if it will open at the end.

  4. It will open in the end - Admin user has the power to overwrite it.



  7. I hope it fixes annoying repetitive notification for existing login items BUG

  8. Updated now and launched the apps that triggered the notification before…no notification to be seen anymore.

  9. No notification on M1 Mini - so far so good.

  10. If you can start recovery mode then in recovery mode

  11. There are two physical disks on my mac. If i do recover via the internet will a second disk be untouched?

  12. I don't know - unlikely - we are talking about system SSD/HDD

  13. Google there are plenty of ways to repair Homebrew

  14. My homebrew is fine, but the website (and the main homebrew page) that I usually use to search for packages doesn't return anything no matter what you search for.

  15. Try ChatGPT they mined GitHub I would surprised if the didn't do HomeBrew

  16. >6,000 MB/s all M2 1 TB SSD = 4 x 256GB/s at 1,500 MB/s = 1,500x4 = 6,000

  17. Minis outlast laptops mainly due to its static configuration and detachable replaceable components like monitors, keyboards ...

  18. Firefox top left corner says READ ONLY!

  19. I think its h/w issue not s/w likely power supply issue


  21. It depends on URL even Apple Store most of time is in slow mode.

  22. How do I speed it up? (I am downloading from

  23. It depends on URL some have limited capacity to download and limit number of concurrent downloads - You can't speed it up

  24. There are 2 types of USB ports USB-C or USB-A - Google it

  25. Get HDD/SSD formatted as exFat it can be read/written to by Macs/PCs

  26. Mac Os has feature/bug on Arm Mac Os(not sure about Intel) it runs at about 70%-80% of UBS3.x or TB3

  27. Clear all history in browsers, remove any extensions

  28. I don’t think that’s a router problem, because on my iPhone and iPad the smb:// connection works well

  29. My router has File Sharing - On settings

  30. I ended up formatting the hard drive and reinstalling the MacOS, seemed to do the trick.

  31. smartctl – Google it, install it and run it will tell you more than First Aid about Mac’s SSD

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