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  1. What is "employment?" Does being self employed count? If not, how do you eat?

  2. That's an amazing transformation. I like your smile.

  3. A crotch rocket is not the ideal first bike to try to ride.

  4. Yeah, but, Biden ain't gonna chop the head off that! Not any more than he's going to stop the war on drugs -- which would be another good kracken to slay.

  5. Heā€™s just going to chop the head off of the industrial part of that complex.

  6. Okie doke, that's one way to kill it for sure.

  7. Sure! Look at what happened to the neanderthals!

  8. I saw something today about migrant farm workers. A group was talking about how they all rode in on a bus together, were crowded together for updates and stuff, etc. Thank G-d these workers don't have it, and (excuse the phrase, but) bless the hell out of them!

  9. Congress can do that, but LOL, not this congress b/c Shumer is a d. If he was r, you can bet it would happen.

  10. The United States Constitution gives theĀ SenateĀ the power to expel any member by a two-thirds vote. ... TheĀ SenateĀ concluded in 1798 thatĀ senatorsĀ could not beĀ impeached, but only expelled, while conducting theĀ impeachmentĀ trial of William Blount, who had already been expelled.

  11. I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing that out!

  12. Lacks speed? I dunno... looks like she's flying to me.

  13. What I usually do is fry stuff in a T of butter, which usually gets almost 100% absorbed. So 1T of butter is 100 calories, something like that.

  14. This might work to weigh the oil before and after deep frying. Itā€™s similar to what I do with marinades.

  15. Yup! I prefer to measure with measuring spoons rather than weigh. You end up with the same result anyway.

  16. I have never been as close to death as the passenger in that car.

  17. I drove through an animal park that led you feed bread to their animals. They reach their heads right into the window, no problem. The bison were loving the bread, but when I ran out, one of the larger males started head butting my truck over and over again. I was glad I picked my old beater truck to drive that day.

  18. You are a braver man than I. Or maybe I've seen too many hippo movies! You don't want to mess with those things, for sure.

  19. A powerwash will return the product to a totally reset state. Do that and you're all set.

  20. So i don't need to do a chromebook utility recovery?

  21. No you do not. Here are specific instructions on how to do the powerwash. I've got a few chromebooks myself, and have powerwashed all of them at one time or another.

  22. My question is whether the threat posed by not vaxxing violates the NAP. Specifically, not vaxxing (supposedly) means that you may pass on whatever disease to a person who is not able to vax for health reasons.

  23. Okay, so I was thinking that Libertarianism's end goal would be Laissez-faire Capitalism. So am I right with saying that an end goal for Libertarians is to just limit what the government can do, not take away all its power completely?

  24. That sounds right to me as I see things, but consider myself a small L libertarian. There are a lot of anarchists who consider themselves libertarian as well. Not being one myself, I can't speak for them. Maybe someone from that group will chime in as well.

  25. I have a lot of problems with cramping, especially while losing weight. Here are some things that worked for me: stretch exercise workout (you can find it on the youtube); using lite salt (which has a lot of potassium) and heavily salting my food. And oddly enough, taking some ibuprofin about an hour before bed helps as well. Note that none of this is a total solution. These things help to reduce the severity and frequency of cramps sometimes but not always. I hope this stuff helps you too! Good luck.

  26. Liberalism is about freedom, free markets and limited government. I suggest you look words up before you put stuff up like this because it makes you look stupid. Just like it makes the democrats sound stupid when they refer to themselves as liberal.

  27. As a parent I can proudly say that my kids have had pretty much every significant vaccine. I'm sure of this because both of them work jobs in which this is specifically required. That said, belittling someone is belittling someone no matter the occasion. And being that way is nothing more than a display of bad character.

  28. the way the cards were bent kinda hurt me but still cool

  29. It sounds to me like you want to be happy and you choose to be happy, as it is a choice. That's almost all of the battle.

  30. i'm a nurse and i thought getting into nursing would make me somewhat happy/fulfilled because i'm helping people and it's a respectable job but i'm already so sick of nursing it's not what i thought at all and i've only been in it for less than a year.

  31. I hate that thing where you have no choice but to walk past the cat and you know he's got a plan to get you.

  32. I got some great value tortilla chips, a can of chili beans, a can of refried beans, and sour cream.

  33. Maybe you're thinking of looking up nazis and commies?

  34. Which prayer do you use against freedom of speech and to ward off anti-antifa comments?

  35. Lizzy should have pointed out that in either case, everyone still ends up broke, but if we do it her way we get free health care too. [SARCASM]

  36. Check out a site called Aunt Bertha. If you have kids then maybe WIC or the reduced cable/internet. There are free phones with minutes available.

  37. One thing I forgot to mention is Food Pantries. They're put on by various churches and organizations and often sponsored by some degree by the state. Start by searching google for Food Pantry Near Me. If you go to a few of these a month, you'll be able to save a lot on groceries and still have a quality diet.

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