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  1. Must be it, because it's an awful experience and only works on chrome

  2. BBB works on Firefox for me, when’s the last time you tried?

  3. First year of COVID, so mb it has improved. But I can tell it was an already outdated version back then


  5. I mean, the best alarm is the alarm in your phone

  6. Ribera del duero, look up for Protos for example

  7. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  8. Pues hombre un cachopo y una sidra o la cruz

  9. Yep, work exactly like youtube-dl (at least 3 months ago when I was using windows)

  10. Just tried with ext4 and no luck whatsoever

  11. Just checked the protondb for DayZ, check if it helps: People are telling that you must use vm.max_map_count=1048576 in the sysctl parameters in order to get the game running

  12. Launch steam from terminal and let's see the output

  13. There are several network thermometers, you can just google for that and will find some. Downside is that the ones I've used had to be monitored with SNMP and didn't have email capabilities themselves. Would that work for you?

  14. Yeah, it would be interesting to have email alarms. Any example anyway? The ones I'm finding are for enterprise and doesn't gives the price hahaha. Thanks for your response

  15. Was told to steer clear of any post that mentioned donkey on this sub, naturally I immediately searched for a donkey post

  16. Wtf this is the 4th video this week of someone/thing getting hit by a train wow

  17. Yeah, he gives you permission to use his music, but people will realize that it's his music not yours, so kliksphillip doesn't recommend using them

  18. Well, now she can't blame him for not pulling out on time🤷

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