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  1. When was the last time UC made a Swee16? Before Huggy left?

  2. Last Sweet 16 appearance was 2012. It was towards the beginning of the streak when Cronin took them to the tournament 9 straight years.

  3. Northern Row and Rhinegeist both had the game at Orlando on a few weeks ago.

  4. I'm going to need to petition the Commission for a bracket expansion next year. Maybe a Play In round? A few good locals not on here.

  5. Agreed, I’d much rather have a Highgrain or Nine Giant over Brewdog.

  6. Massive dive two steps after contact but if it’s a foul it almost has to be red.

  7. Definitely a foul, incredibly dumb from Yeimar, though I do wonder when we'll actually have VAR go our way. That penalty earlier was so obvious

  8. VAR is for clear and obvious mistakes. Feel like it worked well twice tonight

  9. Well yeah you're on the receiving end of every call lol

  10. Yep, we did get the VAR red called for us. Definitely forgot

  11. As a resident of Pleasant Ridge, I understand both sides of this story. We have a great neighborhood, and people want to live in it, and it's not like this is being built in a's essentially private green space for those who live by it. It's not like I can use it!

  12. I would say even calling this green space that’s usable for anyone is probably a stretch - it’s mostly dense trees with some bamboo.

  13. I live across the street from this and this type of development has been proposed for close to 20 years.

  14. it’s even weirder when you realize ohio was extremely quick to act when covid hit. being one of the first states to require masks and shut down. dudes proactive during that but then shit like this is what makes him look incompetent.

  15. That’s because he actually followed the recommendations from Dr. Amy Acton until the state legislature pretty much forced her to resign as the Director of the Department of Health.

  16. Yeah, that was Golf R territory like 5 years ago, and not only is that the top of the line for luxury and performance from a hatchback (obviously not including pure luxury brands), but it also has near supercar performance (0-60 in 4 seconds).

  17. I mean, you can buy the base model that starts at 23K?

  18. I seem to have had the opposite experience of most people on this one- We got our kids' delay text message (and email, and app notification- our school tends to over do it) at 5:03 this morning. Left for an appointment at 7:30 without the slightest impediment other than having to clear a little ice from my windshield.

  19. Once I got outside the city of Cincinnati I had zero issues and streets were completely clear.

  20. Your previous comment was even about the Bengals talking shit. Back tracking on this one pretty quick though

  21. So the massive state breaks and basically free rent at The Banks didn't have anything to do with it? Okaaaaay lil buddy lol

  22. Unfortunately, that’s pretty run of the mill for any city/state and a large company. Massachusetts and the city of Boston gave them a sweet deal in tax incentives and development deals as well.

  23. You think it's leaving? It's been here since the late 40's and outside of the 1 - 2 years of covid has been the best and most profitable part of GE. The spinoff of the other two companies will be a huge benefit to aviation/now aerospace because they won't have to worry about healthcare or power bringing down their numbers.

  24. Add on to that all the other local sites outside of the Evendale plant that they operate, Peebles test facility out East and Wright Patt just up the road. No chance they move.

  25. And then just assumes it’s a first down instead of measuring.

  26. “The only documented lease contained in court documents related to this case was from Jan. 15, 2017 to Jan. 15, 2018. It notes that if the Brumfields took the month-to-month option, they would need to give written notice and begin paying $1,500 per month in rent.”

  27. It's actually not some weird fluke, but a direct consequence of our poor run game.

  28. This is accurate but have we ran outside of the QB sneak on a down other than 1st and 10? Play calling is so predictable in the run game.

  29. I don’t understand why FC Cincinnati cares what I do with my tickets. They are paid for in full. I’d rather see they focus on all the seats purchased by resellers that never use them and allow normal STH the chance to purchase those seats at annual renewal.

  30. They care because if STMs flood Seatgeek with lower priced tickets then they won’t be able to sell their single game tickets at face value. I’d go on to bet that their cheapest single game ticket is probably less than 10% of the member rate for most sections too.

  31. If you enjoy sours, Urban Artifact in Northside makes some of the best in the country and is a must. Across the street from them is Humble Monk and within a block is Higher Gravity which is a top tier beer bar in the city.

  32. It’s better than Mo or Lewis. And I’ll take that for now. Take a look at their 247 class, that’ll make you feel a bit better

  33. Just don’t look at past years classes, nothing exciting there. Hopefully that just means he is figuring out how to navigate NIL?

  34. Bryant will be gone, but I have no doubt he would’ve won us this game if he were healthy

  35. I believe he has an extra Covid year if he wants to stay

  36. But Prater would definitely overthrow those 8 as well, just would add 75 yards on the ground

  37. Looking at Kamara + Toney for my JT

  38. Honestly too quick too notice it and no replay in the stadium

  39. Fickell watching Zac Taylor too much with that toss on 3rd and long.

  40. I think that was accidental and wasn’t anything but how you giving a yellow? If you think it’s dangerous play wouldnt that be a red?

  41. Into stoppage time? This has to be the Unions best opportunity to score based on how our seasons gone.

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