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  1. They’re talking a bit different than what I was talking about. I’m talking about the price increase from January to now. The 288% they gave us the difference from last fall to what the price is projected to be this fall.

  2. Just me or raphina transfer is kind of scary ? Maybe he was playing for bad team and his stats does not represent his value .. but I can see this go in Pepe route .. player that tries to do a lot and lose the ball and stuff .. idk .. I hope he will be more of mahrez than Pepe

  3. I’m a Kiwi so I have no idea could you expand a bit more?

  4. Nothing wrong in supporting Boston teams man .. there are assholes and good people in every teams supporters

  5. Wonder if anyone on these teams even knows who he is. Maybe theis? Could see Oladipo maybe since I think his parents are from Nigeria. But not like he’s a Messi Ronaldo neymar or Pogba where they sort of transcend the sport in terms of popularity, so curious how many would recognize him

  6. The way I just brought these🤣

  7. Sorry for being ootl why is Ramsdale not playing?

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