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  1. It's the start of two week winter, better bust out the heavier than normal hoodie.

  2. Yeah, fun. People seem to forget that any job can still do most of the content just fine. Folks here crying over a handful of potency every balance patch is just childish and gives a bad image of the community to anyone randomly lurking.

  3. Then play other classes, I don't see the problem.

  4. Notice how they released this after the "patch" was released and not before...

  5. Wtf that's the longest list of known issues I've seen for an mmo. What the fuck is AGS doing?

  6. peak content respecting is booksmacking and experiencing every aoe. obviously.

  7. Clearly doing it wrong. You have to scrape the sides way more to throughly mix in enough metal shavings.

  8. It should be socially acceptable for workers to shut this shit down publicly. I'm not making you a fucking medicine ball, Janice, please stop filming me.

  9. This post is now a fav of the other subreddit

  10. What a sub. Its one thing to critique people looking for a quick flip or buying in to be a slumlord but laughing at people trying to buy a house to live in? Sorry we aren't all equipped with massive hindsight. Come on.

  11. Wow did you know that there's edible food that comes in cans??? Mind. Blown.

  12. Sorry boss, I'll make sure my cat understands the social expectations of useless powertripping middle managers better. 😔

  13. Are the people that think homosexuality is Ew also correct? I assume you would say no? So then your Ew is correct, but theres isn't? What makes your Ew so special? I hope you're starting to see that Ew is relative and so not a coherent argument

  14. homosexuality doesn't lead to birth defects, isn't rife with grooming/abuse like incest is, and it isn't at its core FUCKING YOUR FAMILY

  15. Incest is not inbreeding. Two sterile adult siblings can meet and have sex once and never meet again, that's incest but doesn't lead to birth defects and is neither grooming nor abuse.

  16. I'm not here to have a calm rational discussion with a bunch of fucking incest defenders. Touch grass.

  17. Am I witnessing the birth of a new meme wave? Can we work it into the rotation between yugioh posting and soprano posting?

  18. Look Tony, I know it's our job to help this guy and everything, but I don't think we'll survive Evillak. Why don't we just cut our losses and send him to the Shadow Realm?

  19. Y’shtola is obviously dead, just a ghost who won’t fuck off. And god I wish she would. Endwalker pissed me off, another fucking resurrection for Y’shtola. Should’ve left her ass out there, and just brought Estinien and G’raha Tia home.

  20. I feel like every scion should be dead several times over. How in the fuck do graha and thancred keep living??


  22. Lmao. Love that, but let me throw in a quick aymeric and pipin for good measure. I wanna take my boys on the adventure they want. Yeah idk, graha by all story rights should have passed away but that plot armor be mega thick.

  23. you're not wrong, but that's exactly why there's been so much pushback from workers lately. We're tired of getting treated like trash and we need to demand better of our employers. If they're going to continue to put is in harm's way, they need to know that they're responsible for the consequences of us getting sick because they demanded us to be there.

  24. Yeah, I definitely am with you, sorry if it seemed like I was disagreeing. I just don't think we do enough to call out the fact that the so-called powers that be just simply do not care anymore. It's hugely disassociating that almost every major institution is buckling and we're told to keep doing our part and continue as normal.

  25. no, no you're fine. I'm sorry if it seemed as if I was combative but I am just... so frustrated and so dang tired of all of this crap. I'm with you completely on all of this. The most we can do is our best and hope others around us follow suit.

  26. Every slice of that onion was like a slice through my heart. He'd actually be more successful just chewing it whole and spitting pieces back out.

  27. Oh hes got 20 years and a food science degree? Well, I have 21 years and a bigger food science degree and I say let there be ice water baths.

  28. I can't see different blues all that well. For me, while p3s is bad (and I mean absurdly bad), the overall visual noisiness is cranked up to 11 with this and ex1.Blue-on-blue, several different, very striking on ground effects where you need to pay attention to boss movements (the roulette board w/ p1s' chains & intemperance where his hand is blue going into a blue ground) both come to mind. P4N's blanket on the ground and 4 corner panel thing is also hard for me. So many blues and blacks; thank god for the central swirly thing in the center of Pinax. Ultimately, everything is either blue or red most of the time, it seems.

  29. God, these people are so fucking stupid. So when no one can no longer get produce out of season, wine, or trap other benefits from the GPD from CA, they shouldn't go crying that their rural bumfuck state can't make up for California's lack of.

  30. Can a motherfucker stop taking Ra-la’s mercy for ten goddamn seconds

  31. Real gaming is casting TBN on DPS that are about to get wacked by an AoE and you getting your free cast and them still dying 😎

  32. World salvation service, venat speaking...just a moment but for like 16,000 years.

  33. There was a similar thing discussed a little while ago, and I'm gonna get downvoted now just as much as I did then. 😅

  34. That's just a savory Asian poptart, obviously. Sheesh when will people use the correct terms for things?

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