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  1. James Bay is out. Hozier’s tour gaps make him look like an ACL lock.

  2. I was noticing that with Hozier as well, do you think he’s going to be a weekend one only or both based on his schedule?

  3. Sorry I’m super dumb but where did a lot of the “Possible” artists go? I’ve been keeping my eye on Hozier and Rainbow Kitten surprise and they were on this list earlier 🥲

  4. As someone born and raised from the same part of Texas (Austin area) as Joel this is how most people sound especially since it’s a mix of people living in the country/near the bigger cities. When I’m talking with a person with an accent I feel like mine gets thicker than when compared to being around people without accents. For me only certain words I say come out with an accent. Specifically “saw” “draw” “y’all”. Something about the A sound I suppose. I’ve been told it’s called an “Austin” accent but that just may be a local way to say you have a southern lilt

  5. When he woke up he used two health kits and found an energy bar in a drawer!

  6. When I listen to Hurt by Johnny Cash I always imagine Joel, for some reason. So Hurt 🥲

  7. i always link the two because it played in the wolverine trailer, and that was a pretty joel-esque role

  8. Agreed! If I remember correctly Hugh Jackman was always fancast as Joel when the movie was in the works so apparently there’s a Wolverine to Joel pipeline lol

  9. Red wine is a trigger for me specifically and it all stems towards my racism towards the French /s

  10. Overall I'm thoroughly enjoying the show. I think it's a fantastic adaptation that captures the emotional arc I experienced playing the original game.

  11. This was one thing I didn’t like about episode 3. I loved Bill and Franks story it was literally perfect but in reference to all other characters in the game, we have Bill, Maria and Tommy surviving but in this TV version Bill dies. Bill being a living friend l kind of breaks up the deaths of Sam and Henry and makes them more shocking and it makes it feel like not everyone Joel and Ellie encounter just immediately dies. The inclusion of the DLC and the changing of bill and franks story did kind of change the way we gain and lose characters. I still wouldn’t change the bill and Frank ending but it did occur to me that we were seeing a lot more loss this way

  12. Hi guys! Just got back my first MSW response, i got waitlisted which feels a little crummy because it’s my top pick College and now I’m worried I’m screwed. I applied to 4 places total. Is being waitlisted a rejection? Do I still have a chance of getting in? Has anyone here been waitlisted and then later given approval?

  13. No it’s not a rejection. You may want to reach out to see what you can do to improve your application.

  14. Thank you I appreciate the comment! When it comes to reaching out to the college, I did recently get an acknowledgment in a research paper that I participated in. It’s a psychology research paper but I was thinking of perhaps sending them this information, do you think they’d care/it would benefit me?

  15. My dad was like “that’s a cup of coffee” 💀

  16. I’m half asleep so maybe I’m being dramatic but I’m still kind of thrown off by Zach’s overreaction there. That plus the off camera mystery disagreement with Rachel… it’s kinda making me feel like there’s a not so great side to Zach that we don’t know about.

  17. Did we ever hear any more information about the Rachel thing because I’m still so confused as to what happened

  18. One time my diva cup got suctioned on my cervix almost prolapsing it when I tried to remove it and I had to go to the doctor to get it taken out and I can’t imagine like just being in yknow the apocalypse and having a diva cup suctioned to my cervix and not being able to get it out. Once again I will stand by the fact that I’ll just free bleed during the apocalypse, my clothes will already be covered in blood 🫢

  19. Honestly this is why I haven’t tried a Diva Cup yet. I’m worried about the idea of prolapses from the suction.

  20. It definitely doesn’t happen to everyone but I’ve learned since it isn’t terribly uncommon 🥲

  21. I like how there’s at least one person from each house that I kind of hate. They aren’t important characters just kids that speak in passing or have small quest lines and anytime I see them I’m like “🤜”

  22. Isn’t Greer the one who has a horrible social media digital footprint and defended black facers?

  23. Ew, thought so. Don’t see why people are defending her then, she doesn’t seem like she’s worth the time and effort

  24. Speaking of Sirona, I've felt like I was the only queer person who didn't see the issue with her. First there was complaints about her name with "Sir" being in it and having the last name if there aren't women named Ryan. Also, there were complaints about a male voicing the character, but I mean like I don't see the issue with them. It just makes it sound like Transwomen can't have masculine voices. Lastly, you had people say that Sirona was added as a token character and has no real significant to the story which is also kinda false since she not only is a moving part in some of the story points, but also has side quests. I'd argue that Natty is a more token character considering how she's really not all the important once introduced.

  25. Wait… People were mad about her being named SIRONA??? The Celtic GODDESS of healing is named Sirona 🥲 when I heard her name I thought it was the most beautiful name ever and it made me so excited since I love Celtic folklore

  26. They were also complaining because the last name Ryan sounds masculine.

  27. Wow, do they have nothing else to complain about? Ah yeah of course, surnames are always indicative of gender. “That last name is a BOY last name”??? Let’s also forget famous feminine icons like Meg Ryan 🙄

  28. Hi, medical science doctor here. Anya is baby. Hope that helps!

  29. Stasticially any purchase we make makes some shitty person rich. I didn't see anyone stop buying overwatch or overwatch 2 when all that horrible stuff about blizzards higher ups and workplace came out...nor did I see anyone getting vilified for playing it. Personally, harry potter was my childhood and growing up as a teen so it's really amazing to be able to play in the world in this game. And it's the most inclusive and diverse I've ever seen HP.

  30. Bitches still be eating Chik fil A or buying things from Hobby Lobby, there is not a single truly innocent purchase that isn’t harming some group. People just need to let others enjoy things

  31. I’m scared to know what’s wrong with hobby lobby 😖😖😖 I’ll still shop there tbh unless they’re murdering ppl

  32. I know they have a laundry list but it’s all vague to me, I’m a Michaels girl so I never looked much into it. Weird stuff about denying birth control coverage to female employees and a super weird smuggling scandal for some reason?

  33. She was just 19 when it started. That really breaks my heart :(

  34. If it makes you feel better my Tik tok has just been five straight days of people saying Hufflepuff is cringe and boring and dorky and they only gave us the Azkaban quest to make people choose such a “shit house”. No house is better than the other if it’s the house you like and identify with and all the houses have unique small quests that don’t have that much impact imo

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