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If you got a list of your stats once you died, which statistic would you be most curious about?

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  1. Thank you so much for the insight. You’ve phrased all this so succinctly and eloquently.

  2. Not even experts or people directly working on cutting edge ai know what happens the next years

  3. No one knows the future. I reckon people in the field have more expertise to the actually barriers involved, and perhaps a more objective view on the subject

  4. I make my husband sleep outside in the car when I think about how he dated people before we met. Basically pre cheating on me

  5. I make my girlfriend sleep in the bathtub when I see her talking to other guys. Got to put a stop to this nonsense early!

  6. Idk if this counts, but resident gave me the option of not coming in my last day and I took him up on the offer 😎

  7. Hi peach_m00n, I’m in Astoria and have a barely used entry sawing machine I am looking to sell. DM me if you’re interested :)

  8. Hi peach_m00n, I’m in Astoria and have a barely used entry sawing machine I am looking to sell. DM me if you’re interested :)

  9. Hi peach_m00n, I’m in Astoria and have a barely used entry sawing machine I am looking to sell. DM me if you’re interested :)

  10. your middle building is one tile off-center

  11. My favorite is Linda because I love her energy and how much she cares for her kids and her friends.

  12. I’ve always wondered if the idea of your cat guarding you while you take care of stinky business has hard scientific proof, or if it’s more a reasonable hypothesis 🤔

  13. Nope. The female friends a a guy has are women that he finds attractive and would fuck. The exceptions are if the girl is the partner of a male friend or was brought into the group by someone else

  14. This might be true for some straight men, but definitely not all straight men. I have plenty of female friends I would never sleep with. Many of my male friends would agree.

  15. I know how you feel. Walking down a sidewalk with a group of friends, I’m often the one that get “squished” to the back or side. Just moving to a new city doesn’t help too much either.

  16. Haha it's exactly like that! I have a little jewelers eye-glass & spend way too much time peering through it with the other eye squinted shut. I can be heard muttering 'what is that? Wtf? No. TF is it though? Lemmie just talk to a Google a minute'

  17. Love that you do this! It’s like peering into another world cue mysterious background music 🎶

  18. I know they don’t have a central nervous system but something still feels wrong about putting trees through a ‘worst case scenario’ whatever that means.

  19. You’re getting at the philosophy of pain. What is pain and what organisms can feel pain?

  20. It's afternoon. I have already cleaned the house, worked out, did my harp practice, went grocery shopping, repotted some plants and made some art. I think it is time for some mindless scrolling now

  21. Thats unfortunate, def one of the best Japanese spots in Astoria

  22. This is an excerpt from the American Academy of Pediatrics. TLDR: smoking weed in teenage years leads to higher likelihood of addiction and cognitive defects in adulthood amongst other things.

  23. She could theoretically but she doesn't want to. I like it this way.

  24. That’s awesome! Where were you? How did you feel about tent camping?

  25. I was in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia! Beautiful trails and breathtaking night sky. It was good overall, but got pretty cold around 30 Fahrenheit at night and felt less safe compared to my car. Also got startled by a sniffing skunk outside my tent haha.

  26. You mean driving your car into the woods and sleeping in it? There was a couple I saw who did that during the trip this video was from and we all talked about how weird we thought it was. At least in Ontario car camping means you drive your car into your site and use it like a treasure chest of supplies. I’m curious now. Do you do car sleep camping?

  27. I did car camping a few years ago before I tried tent camping for the first time last week. Had a great time both times, and each with pros/cons. Starting out car camping provided the extra feeling of safety and protection for a newbie like me. Plus I could just bring my pillows and blankets from home without worrying I would get anything dirty in a tent.

  28. The wound wont hurt because of the salt in the water. If salt touches the wound as soon as it is ripped [within 30 seconds] it will not burn, but actually heal ur wound faster. Try it out for yourself!

  29. If I left a net negative or net positive effect on the world

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