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Extremely scary Cloudbroust

I can't help but look.

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  1. My boobs just cringed from thinking of my cup going down 3 sizes 😮

  2. I went down 3 sizes! From JJ to GG then H after it stabilised, my spine and joints happily sing the 'thank you' choir. Band stayed the same, tho the bottom of the underwire rarely rolls into my fat rolls as they're smaller.

  3. Whoa, the perfume one? That's ancient times, I can't even remember the dungeon itself

  4. C1 helps with swirling shields on the abyss mages. Good pick.

  5. The Archon Interlude quest in The Chasm has Dainsleif mention that Hilichurls are afflicted with a curse of immortality, in the sense of being denied a death until they have completely eroded.

  6. The question is: how long was Alice observing the Hilichurl? Perhaps regeneration was extremely slow, but it happened. Unless there were animals in the area of the hyena kind...

  7. Nah, 'mo cheese on my burger' makes sense in this situation

  8. Yes it's not the corporation donating the money, it's the shoppers. The grocery store is just collecting the money for them

  9. Ohhh you seem knowledgeable. Explain how it looks in more detail?

  10. My only knowledge comes from this topic being brought up in the past and a radio program I heard about the same topic. Things I can tell you. The programs really do work. They generate A LOT of money for the charities. They also generate sentiment for the stores hosting the charity drive so it's win-win.

  11. Awww, I was hoping for more details on the shop / charity / taxes side.

  12. This is truly stupid! Who in their right mind would waste so much time making a sandwich...hope they like chainsaw grease on their meat.

  13. It's not for eating, but I'm more worried for the tools used. Hope the 'cook' cleaned properly and re-greased after this stunt.

  14. It reminds me of the cheap people tv show where that wife tried to “cook” lasagna in the dishwasher.

  15. It's also likely they're being scalped by their gang boss - there's lots of modern slavery in beggar circles, where the main guy gets rich enough for a Merc and two wives..

  16. This is known. But its also freakishly soft metal used for that press. Two facts. A hydraulic press is beyond capable of crushing one of those easily but it makes a better video if you make it look like the mighty machine was defeated.

  17. I really think Maiden would work better for purely healer though.

  18. I forgot to mention but you can try crafting a Katsuragikiri Nagamasa claymore for more Energy Recharge if her burst is taking too long to come back for your tastes

  19. Tbh my goal was the rolling heals with her 1st passive, but yeah, seems like I need to set her as burst-heal instead.

  20. The audio is real-time (soundtracks of people screaming, thunder) and it's like the "shaky cam" effect as if you were holding a camera/smart phone.

  21. Honestly, watching the clip with no sound I am 100% sure it was drastically sped up. The shaking is too much.

  22. Eh, cold chicken gelatin is really nice provided you add well made veg and don't forget the diluted vinegar on top. I eat that whenever I'm in a mood to make it (so twice a year. Lots of work)

  23. Idk what her height is, but her pictures seem to be taken from lower than chest height so that could be warping her vertical. Depending on her height I’d say she might be SN or FN. she seems to accommodate curve by accommodating width.

  24. Yep, I am one of those people actually. I got albedo around ar20? So I was still pretty new, exploring mondstat and all that. I didn't know what events were at that time and that I could get albedo's weapon there.

  25. ..or he gets his own 5* sword.. like childe did in his third rerun.. inhaling ginormous amounts of hopium

  26. Don't do this to me! I'm still saving for Cyno weapon and the Wanderer! T_T

  27. Well you sent it and we didn't want it your fault

  28. More countries than England learn of this history, so it's a case of "they sent it" not "you sent it"

  29. Agreed, there are many better types of tea available now than black tea. However, In New England colonial times, tea was important cause there was literally nothing else to drink except booze.

  30. Haha I know very well, it was all covered in high school history. My previous comment was half-joke.

  31. The video clip we had of this dog some weeks ago had a little better quality!

  32. I watched it too many times on loop. This dog is just too adorable.

  33. Nice! But really, wait for a minute after the timer finishes, to even out the temperature between outside and inside of the meal. Tastes much better.

  34. I worked occasionally on the 70th floor of the Sears Tower and it would often sway 6 inches. A few times I felt about 5 times that distance or more which was still way under what it could do. Very eerie and I never got accustomed to it.

  35. I believe the norm for very very tall buildings is sway for up to 50cm off-centre, which still gives me nightmares long after uni is over.

  36. I don't mind, since every time using any toilet that's not my home I disinfect+wipe the seat and layer it with paper seat/toilet paper. Also a tiny bit of paper into toilet so it doesn't splash.

  37. Isn't it too much Def? He's a monster with smaller damage. Though I get that as a non-main you'd not invest as much.

  38. Huh. For these prices I wouldn't think to buy 8 cakes anyway. Yikes.

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