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  1. I assume mathil gets away with it due to the sheer volume of builds he comes up with. Good tunes and dry sense of humor help too (lily is similar)

  2. Lily being a unicorn in that she's a female PoE streamer, who also happens to be a top player, helps.

  3. It is good to see his happy moments, knowing how few of them he had in life.

  4. He did struggle with depression, but his eventual death had way more to do with his onset of Lewy Body Dementia. It's an awful condition that's like combining the worst symptoms of dementia and Parkinson's. Billy Connolly mentioned Robin calling him asking what it was like to live with Parkinson's, and said he sounded absolutely terrified over the phone.

  5. I'd say it was a combination of a lot of things.

  6. Unfortunately, a LOT of gamers really don't understand much about game dev at all.

  7. While this is very true, let's not also act like developers are never arrogant or in the wrong when it comes to fixing or changing certain things. Hell, half the time certain mods pop up is other developers going, "Fuck it. If you're not going to do something about it, I will."

  8. The time the devs of Dead by Daylight told people complaining about bugs to go play Civ 5 if they don't like the state of the game comes to mind.

  9. BHVR is notoriously bad about listening to player feedback. The Warframe devs have a similar reputation for being pretty condescending and rude.

  10. Every single fighting game on PS5 has had markedly more lag than PS4 versions.

  11. I really enjoy Legend of Mana, but all of its complicated systems are ultimately for nothing (at least playing the game normally). You can easily play through the entire game without engaging with any of its systems, and for me that's a huge problem. And shit, if you do interact with them, it will trivialize the difficulty even more.

  12. Having the game auto heal you after every battle was a huge mistake. It's like they wanted to make it impossible for you to die.

  13. Thank you so much. Literally was just playing Super Bomberman 2 with a friend as we still love Bomberman but haven't had a good one in so long. Just played this for like fifteen minutes and cannot wait to show him.

  14. It's really impressive for a fan game.

  15. I believe Vin Diesel was very involved in hiring the studio, since he was a big gamer and didn't want it to just be a standard shitty movie tie-in game.

  16. As much as i love Ziz's builds, they are highly SSF oriented. Not many interesting unique item interactions etc. to find since it is SSF focused after all. Similar problem with Poeninja as well is that it becomes oversaturated after a short while upon the league launch with pages after pages of meta builds.

  17. Yeah, his Atlas trees also tend to be very HCSSF-focused. Great for crafting gear, but not so great for generating currency.

  18. That’s an over exaggeration. If you use battle items and have a decent dps setup which you should’ve been collecting along the way anyway then you’ll be able to do this once you’re like 1430-1445 which is pretty much where you need to be to clear it anyway. Don’t act like they didn’t advertise this was coming for weeks and weeks.

  19. The money/pheons you'd spend on a full DPS set/engravings would outweigh the rewards you get from this anyway. Makes no sense.

  20. I did it on my 1480 bard with +20weapon on my chaos build with 5x3 engravings ( True Courage,Adrenaline,Precise Dagger, Contender,Keen Blunt) and 4 pieces of Betrayal set and still after fight had left 45sec till end.

  21. I hate the solo content for supports because you basically need to buy an entire second set of gear/engravings.

  22. Now that I've failed this much on one piece. I am immune to pain.

  23. They have some pretty fucked up beliefs that they shoehorn into their dance show.

  24. I watch Jeopardy and although I simply don’t care who the host is as i just watch it for the trivia, it’s not weird why people prefer Ken. Mayim is just not a good host, constantly feels awkward when doing the interviews, and sounds monotoned and unengaging when reading the answers and basically everything.

  25. Also, Ken has a history with the show that makes people gravitate towards him more.

  26. It's kind of weird to act entitled to a role like that.

  27. Yeah, I've never seen someone so determined to insist that people should like them.

  28. I still think almost all the pure "damage" specials fall off hard the longer the game goes. They all need some sort of buff outside of maybe Mumei's which insta-kills everything, and Bae's which does such insane DPS, it doesn't matter.

  29. What makes them “noob traps”? Is there a drawback to using them?

  30. No drawback specifically. Just that they're big flashy specials that seem cool at first with bigger damage numbers than some of the others, but fall off hard later when you actually need them.

  31. She's easily the strongest character in the game right now.

  32. They specifically mention that she was kidnapped from her home village by the sea after they killed her parents, aka Japan.

  33. Japanese families moving to the Phillipines is almost unheard of. There is a very limited Japanese diaspora outside of specific areas like Vancouver, California, Hawaii and Brazil.

  34. Deep can't really be a D 'cause there's water everywhere, and if you were to fight him near a body of water, he would be a genuine threat.

  35. MFer literally chucked a car at MM's house.

  36. More careless and irresponsible than actively malicious.

  37. SB is also the only one actually fighting the enemy during the "Russian" attack and even gives Mallory a nod for helping him.

  38. It was the same look he gave Mallory when she shot the guy in Nicaragua. SB is bulletproof. A few rounds to the back are a minor inconvenience. He was just recognizing a teammate performing well.

  39. I think SB overall will just be a highlighting of the flaws of his time. He’s prob just as bad but most people here love the actor so its clouding their better judgement. Which is perfect because thats how it would be in real life if we had some ww2 superhero come to present time. He’s likely not full racist because he likes Cosby, but still has indirect racism like most people of his era do. I like the complexity of character on this show. It shows everyone is uniquely a piece of shit and the reasons behind their flaws. Not just people are shitty because the storyline calls for an antagonist to overcome.

  40. I feel like people are way too quick to label someone a piece of shit these days. Most people are way too complex to be easily labeled as "good" or "bad".

  41. He's an asshole who genuinely believes he's doing the right thing, unlike Homelander who knows he's doing bad shit and doesn't give a fuck.

  42. This might also explain why Noir didn't heal from whatever happened with Payback VS Soldier Boy. The Russians may have already had a similar weapon at the time before they modified Homelander with it.

  43. We don’t know that she can’t. She doesn’t know that she can’t, and Homelander doesn’t know that she can’t. He even challenges her to do it because neither of them know what’ll happen, Neuman just isn’t willing to risk failing.

  44. Yeah, her power seems to be more akin to a focused explosion of organic matter. It may not work on supes with enhanced defenses. Notice how with that one dude, she just blew off part of his face and body rather than immediately killing him.

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