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  1. Amazing work! How did you paint the small lines of water reflection on the rocks? I’ve always wanted to paint water but can’t get those squiggles right

  2. Weewww how’d you paint it so small and with such detail! That’s amazing.

  3. Awesome work! I think the first one is great the way it is but in the second the water looks a little solid? It could be because of the colour used and perhaps more water ripples could be added nearer to the boat.

  4. Give wet on dry a chance, and let layers dry before you apply more. Start on the background and work towards the foreground. It will allow you to apply some layering and not have to deal with the paints bleeding into each other so much.

  5. Alright, will try experimenting some more 😊

  6. If you want to learn how to draw realistically, you can try tracing, people may not agree but that’s how I learnt how to draw. Over time, you’ll be able to better observe patterns in proportions and in line curvature. You’ll get a better sensing and draw more accurately.

  7. I’d use darker colours to outline and not black. Ie darker green for the outline of the leaves and a darker violet for the outline of the flowers. I find black too strong of a colour. It’s a matter of opinion though.

  8. Cool! Love the atmosphere and cottage feels. And a great way to salvage expensive watercolour paper too!

  9. Good job! Love the simplicity of the painting. Great write up too, the process was well documented and also interesting to read! The part where you started numbering things weird (fivedly onwards) made me laugh.

  10. You’ll get there! Admire your patience 😤

  11. You can copy screenshots/comic frames of your favorite cartoon character in action and get a hang of anatomy. I find copying the best way to learn, and you’ll get the hang of it and be able to apply it more intuitively to your own characters later.

  12. For classic literature I end up going to sparknotes to check if I understood the gist of the story and to get more context because sometimes I don’t really understand Old English and the jargon they use very well.

  13. You could try using masking fluid before painting the next time to prevent the surrounding paint from bleeding in

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