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  1. Yeah I don't understand this thread, we should be saying "Phew the meteor missed" not "Told you there was no danger."

  2. With a side of "haha the danger that was threatened ended up not being a danger! For now....."

  3. Oh to be a seal doing a banana pose at Lincoln Park of a morn

  4. I mean it's worth going to one time. Assuming you live in a four-hour radius, you don't even need to stay in a hotel. Just drive around the strip and explore the main hotels like Luxor, Caesar's Palace, Belagio, and a few others before going home.

  5. As long as you're an adult. I spent one night there as a 16 year old which is the worst age. Too old to be awed by the Vegas-ness but too young to have any fun.

  6. And when their "proof" obtained by horrendously expensive instruments is debunked they claim "oh no the instrument was broken"

  7. Multiple extended family members were fully confident that COVID/vaccine was a liberal hoax and no more dangerous than a little bout with the flu.

  8. A lot of my aunt's family are apparently like this. Last xmas one of her brothers planned to spend Christmas day with our extended family, so we various cousins (flying in from across the country) were being very careful and taking multiple tests as he's older and unvaccinated. In the days leading up to the 25th another member of her family was hospitalised and getting worse and worse. The brother and the hospitalised family member lived close together so it was likely the brother was also infected. Finally on the evening of the 24th he texted my aunt saying "in light of recent events I think it's best I stay home" which was true, but it took "my family member is dying as we speak" to convince him. Unfortunately I don't know what happened after that - hopefully he's staying as safe as he can. That was my first interaction with a real COVID denier (city boy with liberal immediate family) and it honestly surprised me.

  9. I moved here because I was promised similar weather to the UK. Down with sun, up with rain!! If I wanted warmth I'd live somewhere else (being somewhat facetious here)

  10. When I've told people that Seattle was my dream city, I'd almost always hear back in the form of a warning about how gloomy it was with the constant rain and cloudy weather. And I'd always follow up with "Yes, that is one of the biggest reasons it's my dream city"

  11. Right!! Like if I wanted sun there's a lot of other places in the US that have it 🙄

  12. Kinda. Its just not well known. After a living with one I would be upset to not have it. I 100% of the time boil all my water in the kettle rather than a pot. Its like half the time or less.

  13. I'm fairly certain an electric kettle was the first thing I bought when I moved from the UK to the US. It's arguably the most important kitchen appliance imo.

  14. Hot drinks!! And as others have mentioned, preheating water for pasta etc. I also use it to get boiled water to clean reusable water bottles and stuff.

  15. A well-fitted N95/KN95 will definitely help. Cloth or surgical-style mask, not so much.

  16. Purely subjectively it helps me feel better than having nothing, and a fabric mask is what I always have to hand!

  17. I really do, although I understand the criticism. I used to re-listen to everything every time a new season came out and I listened through everything a few months ago. I like the atmosphere and the occasional real elements intertwined with fantasy. The production makes it really immersive and it's great when I'm doing a physical task.

  18. I did the same thing re relistening!! And I have fond memories of messaging the one friend I had who also listened my latest theories. Lots of "Tanis zombies!!!!" In that chatlog.

  19. Hot take: Tanis > Rabbits > The Black Tapes/The Last Movie. Tanis and TBT both suffer from "this got too big and now we have to make it a global conspiracy" syndrome but with Tanis it at least makes sense.

  20. As a nail biter of 24ish years... A male. How do I go about quitting 🙈 I would love advice I hate it. It's so embedded in my lifestyle it's unreal When someone says "it's stress related" etc I just get annoyed because I cannot possibly understand how stress makes me just destroy my entire hand/hands during an episode of something on netflix.

  21. Agreeing with the people who say find something else to fidget with - I'm trying to train myself into fidgeting with the hem of my shirt. Also if you don't already, moisturise your hands often, and keep your nails short so you don't bite them as often. I will now continue to not take my own advice 💀

  22. I really wish the Christmas Tree Doe's identity hadn't been discovered. Or at least not made public. It feels so disrespectful to me, given the circumstances of her death AND her note being signed Jane Doe.

  23. I think it's Lyle Stevik who illustrates how I think is best to handle this sort of thing. Saying "we've identified this person but they and/or the family don't want their identity to be public so we're not announcing it". I do think I e worth trying to find their identity, because everyone deserves their name (and maybe there were family or friends desperately looking for someone who's been missing). But us, the general public, have no need to know. That being said I understand the desire, and I think it can be very easy to forget when you put so much effort and energy into something that you're not necessarily owed any answers.

  24. Maybe so but it wasn't a big press announcement. The best handled one is probably one we've never heard of!

  25. I sit in on a LOT of online meetings and it never fails to crack me up when kids/pets etc start doing stuff in the background. The parents usually start frantically shooshing them, but honestly, I find it livens things up and is a good reminder of life outside of the stress of work/school (I mean, as long as the whole meeting isn’t random kids/dogs/cats in the background).

  26. Yeah! It always makes me happy to hear a background cat or dog :)

  27. I used to know a cat who would forget to retract his claws, get stuck on a chair and yell at the chair's owner as it was clearly their fault! It had to be someone else who untangled him.

  28. When they cannot bring themselves to celebrate someone else’s success.

  29. This was one of the worst things my ex did imo: I couldn't be sad because her life was worse than mine but I couldn't be happy because it would just re-inforce how much worse her life was (NB: "life worse" is my interpretation of her thoughts, I'm definitely not in a place where I could/have make an objective assessment here). Started a trend of me being used by people to make them feel better until someone better than me came along.

  30. Traveling! I upturned my entire life and moved across the globe. That first year, flights were empty. Airports were empty. A good experience for my first solo cross-Atlantic trip, especially when they're usually so chaotic.

  31. I love this, I don't trust anyone in the British government ever to be this co-ordinated!

  32. I went to cross the road once in london at a pedestrian crossing.

  33. Now THIS is the least believable story in this thread (sorry London cyclists, three years of walking along the Strand daily changed me irreversibly)

  34. Every single chronic pain sufferer is sat reading this thread, saying "yup, yup yup.... we're faking until its so serious that the doctor has no choice but to listen"!

  35. Me lying in bed feeling the beginning of a flare-up and the subsequent wondering "is this concerning? It happens a lot so maybe not but....."

  36. Doctor here, I obviously can’t speak for all individual practitioners (some of us really are dickheads) but sometimes there’s a communication issue between the intended message of “it’s probably a viral bug, there’s nothing to be done for now, go home but come back to me if xyz happens” and the received message by the patient of “go home, there’s nothing to be done”.

  37. I understand this but I also know my personal issue is being told to come back when it gets worse. I have chronic pain: what's worse??? Is it when I can't stand up for more than a few minutes (not common but has happened multiple times) or when I can't get out of bed at all (has only happened once)? The thing I find funny is that when I tell friends about the former their response is "go to the hospital!!!" To which I'm like "why?? This just happens to me". My current PCP is aware of my various pains and family history of bowel cancer so we both keep an eye on it but I really don't have any way of determining whether pain is just normal IBS stuff or concerning.

  38. !!! Freedom from horrendously mobile unfriendly websites at last

  39. A) that's a dope shirt B) same re pettiness. I started with Android and I'm sticking to them. I've never owned an Apple device, even an iPod (tho I do have an iPhone for work, I don't think that counts as "owning"!)

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