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  1. lol these posts are out of control… “best believe he will be let go and cassell will take over” like what has this place turned into

  2. ikr these guys r getting really dramatic and mad at hypotheticals. big conservative vibes

  3. im fine with a 3pt centric offense. when it works its fast and exciting, however when it doesn’t i believe joe needs to work on diversifying the offense this summer with an actual staff of assistants. i love and trust and believe he can

  4. ware, hayward, pg. had the displeasure (especially as a celtics fan) of seeing them all live.

  5. ight so im a celtic fan but i have such a cool, distinct memory of this shot. i was just watching game of thrones for the first time, just finished the battle of the bastards, go to another room to talk to my dad about, heart racing, then i walk in and witness this mammoth of a shot

  6. calling jt kawaii is so funny to me im dying

  7. yup im very familiar with this stat after last yr

  8. goddamn they barely won in game 2 where does this sheer confidence come fron

  9. jeeeesus christ ime is gone he fucked up and isnt coming back joe is our guy

  10. i take back any bad thing ive ever said about jimmy as a celtic fan. he is a stone cold goddamn killer. shit gave me goosebumps. go into MIL and take their lunch money

  11. lol did you forget what happened on your championship run?

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