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  1. Also point fights the shit outta him and wins.

  2. Panthers are cheeks this year as usual

  3. Took me about a year to get in contact with someone lol my first bill was $1000 not bad for a whole year

  4. Don't be a coward. Eat da Pooh poo and move on to next week champ

  5. In socal I think you gotta go out on some deep waters. I've only seen them in a charter boat and the catches were accidental not targeted.

  6. Report it on the get it done app. I’ve found faster results when I call the nonemergency line at (619) 531-2000. Cars can’t be parked on public street for more than 72 hours.

  7. Man that app barely works. They use to be really good about fixing stuff since covid I just stop using it.

  8. near El Cajon Blvd? I swear they were parked in front of me for almost 2 weeks before my landlord made them move

  9. Yep right by el cajon. I walk past there everyday on my way home from work. Dude they were wilding they had all sorts of shit going on. Pretty sure they had a small dog too shit was nutty

  10. You tryna catch one or just film one ?

  11. Najee should have way more than 14pts in .5ppr I feel

  12. Yeah but the ground game has no room if the pass game is trash.

  13. People forgot how stood the guiseki was when brisket was the QB

  14. There wasn’t a sign? The lifeguards were nonchalant? THE HORROR

  15. It's the ocean champ, that's where the rays live.

  16. No shit, op was complaining about no sign and nonchalant lifeguards.

  17. Lol what are they supposed to do hold ops hand? Fucking cry babies man

  18. Cmon cook… I need you to do something man

  19. My team is so ass. Not even fun watching the games because no one I have will score a TD.

  20. Damn dude don't let fantasy ruin football for yourself

  21. My ptsd and depression is hitting harder than it has in a WHILE. im barely keeping up on chores. Thankfully there isn't a whole lot to do around our apartment.

  22. Fuck bro stay strong. May cats are the only thing that keep me sane. I'm sorry for your loss. I hope life feels better soon.

  23. I use to print a good amount of the residential bill, man y'all crazy as fuck I spend 75 a month on two people. Having two fridges and deep freezers is crazy

  24. Damn that's crazy a bunch of people are gonna get fired, and those kids should probably get arrested.

  25. Possibly get arrested. These kids should have their fucking mug shots on the front page of the tribune

  26. Yes true but that's not how the system works. Imo I think people like that should be under the jail. But if they live in Vista they probably aren't too broke so we shall see. I feel bad for the kid they were fucking with that shits not cool

  27. You know what’s crazy, I got some cousins down south, Jackson, Ms where Deion sanders coaches and where they been having water problems on the news. Not saying they can come out here stepping, but then niggaz down there way more dangerous than what you think. I was shocked at all the murders, them niggaz killing niggaz a prolific rate. Look that shit up. SoCal not the only place

  28. The south is different they barely have laws for some shit, and guns are dumb cheap down there. It's a recipe for disaster

  29. Green light has been issued for any LA OR CALI NIGGA in Pennsylvania let alone Philadelphia. That pnb rock situation will be answered too.

  30. Thanks for the reddit update fuckin bozo

  31. There’s too many unhinged people in our community. People usually murder within their own race.

  32. How the fuck did they last that long?

  33. I took chase over him at #10 and I feel like I already lost the season.

  34. It's like 4-5 of them that ain't no hood lol that's a small friend Group. Wise up young fellas

  35. Still a wet noodle in my opinion. I need someone to actually put things in work and not just speak.

  36. What things do you speak of? Just curious

  37. Silent and vibrate is my new ringtone. If I miss your call I can always say it is because my phone never rang.

  38. Right. I just don't like the sound of a phone ringing. I'll call or txt people back quickly but I ain't fucking with that ringer

  39. I think I do alright in one of San Diego’s best employment sectors, but I can’t afford it here anymore either. I get what you’re saying, it sucks to leave and it’ll deeply hurt me to move away from my friends and community. I don’t expect to live by the beach my whole life without the means to pay for it, but I wonder why anyone working outside of tech would even consider starting a life here anymore.

  40. I don't work in tech been here 15 years and I'm just find. Can I buy a house? Not quite yet but I still enjoy life.

  41. You should make sure he's not someone's cat first. Plz don't catch and give away someone's cat

  42. I'm assuming so. As bad as SDPD is, it's still not the level of Kentucky militarized policing, at least for most of us.

  43. But what about the quarterback who had like 37 women sue him for happy ending massages

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