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  1. For warm weather I also wear altras.. I've found Topos boots fit my wide forefoot the best. Also have Icebugs which are studded when I'm concerned about grip.

  2. I look forward to trying his new restaurant Yolan when we got to Nashville.

  3. Clorox clean up. Spray let soak 10 minutes. Wipe off. Repeat as necessary.

  4. I saw prime rib at PicknSave and Piggy Wiggly on the North Side today. PicknSave sales change tomorrow . Hopefully its still available.

  5. Vamousse spray is a preventative measure. I have used it for NK when they have been infected from school. They were not reinfected like other classmates. Some children in the class were infected 3 times!

  6. Clorox clean up. Spray cleaner and wait 15 minutes then rinse

  7. Definitely not as cool but, why not French it? You would not have to worry about the bones.

  8. Perhaps the low battery alert on the sump pump?

  9. Done. Best wishes on your survey.

  10. I use them as part of a sensory box for autistic children.

  11. Love love love it. Soft and believable but definitely not boring.

  12. We always keep around a few prepaid credit/gift cards. Cash at home is always a good idea too. These can be used online the same as as a regular credit card or bank card.

  13. In my city we used to have the best mom and pop sushi place. Unfortunately during civil unrest it was burnt down. Hello from Kenosha Wisconsin.

  14. Facebook page titled Kenosha Cares. It's a group of citizens that decided to try and help families with basic food needs and a holiday gift drive.

  15. Wisconsin checing in. The further north you go the worse it gets.

  16. At my favorite camp spot cows "MOO" at dusk and dawn. I miss is so much when I go home.

  17. I ordered the ladies Columbia coat . It should be there by friday!

  18. My pleasure. I Hope it helps a little. My husband I have a blended family of 6 Boys. Starting out can be a challenge but the joy of it wins out!

  19. Please pm me. It looks like my female that "disappeared"out of the yard.

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