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What is something that was used heavily in the year 2000, but it's almost never used today?

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  1. i love mine, so reliable except for the wifi chip but too lazy to replace otherwise it's an absolute unit

  2. Whats wrong with wifi chip I know its realtek, didn't know there are any issues with it

  3. irrc realtek is fine, i have a mediatek (forgot the number) and it's a piece of shit.

  4. anyone bought it with a turkish egs acc? idk if it works like steam

  5. One of the main reasons I jailbroke was to stream both games to my jailbroken Nintendo switch w/ gyvo movement. Amazing experience

  6. how hard is it to find an exploitable switch these days?

  7. you just had to turn on the setting on in the bios legit had the same problem with vanguard on windows 11 if you are amd you also need to restore psp keys or whatever it's called (in bios menu)

  8. Are you serious right now? Speculative execution vulnerabilities have been a battle since their inception. Foreshadow, Spoiler, Meltdown, Specter, all mitigated by board level updates. Yes, every one of those affected end users. Anyway, you have fun with your old BIOS, your system, your problem.

  9. okay, so spectre and meltdown? proof of concept, never exploited attacks

  10. Remind me again what model we're looking at? That one in the picture? The one this thread is about? And yeah, I'm sure those bios updates caused waaay more problems than other exploit fixes in recent memory... Here guys, your fix is to disable SMT, now you're safe, but you have to cut your thread count in half. Yeah, I'm sure these board partners are just itching to degrade your performance, because they hate you. SMH. I know I'm not going to get through that tinfoil hat and thick skull protecting your 420 IQ brain, this isn't for you anymore. It's for the the people who can read and identify legitimate advice from someone who actually owns this machine. Guys, if you've read this far, you've now seen both sides, I'm sure you can make an educated decision as to what to do. Don't update, like Mona here says, never get the benefits of new bios features (in fact Resizable bar wasn't enabled on this series of motherboards as of 10/21) - or - follow the manufacturers recommendation and keep your brand new machine current. Heck, it's not even that hard, it runs from W10 desktop. Then, in the miniscule chance that it breaks, there's literally a dedicated button (Novo) to get into the menu to put it back. I'm out, this idiot isn't worth anymore of my time.

  11. i did after seeing someone getting flamed for not doing it lol

  12. do you have to pay out of pocket for returns?

  13. ive looked into it and i don't see a reason to waste money on ram upgrades, maybe of it costed like 20 bucks

  14. Exactly. It unnoticeable to me. I only happened to have the ram available.

  15. good looks, i need to try this sounds fun

  16. is this from Seinfeld? didn't see this episode

  17. When I was in high school in 1982 I used to go with my choir friends to SLC airport at night and wander around the gates and wherever, singing our entire repertoire. There were great acoustics in there!

  18. i hate how owning the digital license of a game doesn't grant you the ability to play it on other platforms just imagine having to buy gta5 on ps5 when you own it on ps4 or pc, disgusting

  19. I heard a rumor Gamestop is working on a fix for this. Could be a nothing burger..take it with a grain of salt

  20. Yea but in order to make your first purchase it has to be that country’s debit card. Then after that you can use steam cards. It won’t let you swap countries and just use steam cash. I’ve tried it before.

  21. turns out that was a lie because i just did that

  22. kudos, you were able to change to another country and use your current countries debit/credit card to make the purchase? Because when I was in the country of Georgia, even with a Georgia address it wanted that countries debit or credit card to process a purchase.

  23. Be aware that Lenovo uses a custom install of Windows, so you can lose some features outright by clean installing windows. Things like Lenovo power profiles being completely gone.

  24. really? aren't power profiles enabled by the vantage app?

  25. Kind of. They are controlled there, sure, but they are tied to actual Windows power profiles that get set. So if you install a clean Windows, those profiles are gone... At least, that was the case for me, and I had to reinstall the Legion specific Windows Recovery ISO.

  26. interesting, i did notice differences too when using the lenovo recovery media

  27. isn't that a skit? from what show :/

  28. it's v good but i came from way worse, like i can play league of legends without problems videos, windows ui, everything is smooth

  29. i paid 1400 eur for a l5p (3060) and thought it was a good deal because i got 20% off

  30. I actually found the complete list of region locks, Turkey is on there, so that's not an option.

  31. oh wow, that is very valuable info

  32. Not sure why you're downvoted, but I'll echo your sentiment.

  33. it's the reddit hivemind they see downvote, they downvote my post spreading wrong info (buying from turkey) got upvoted, go figure

  34. gamepass is so good whyyy microsoft i want to game on linux but why bother when gamepass exists -_-

  35. literally the same price? what am i missing

  36. You can discard Posteo from the list. They will be removed.

  37. this is so strange to me how little discussion i can find on the subject

  38. I am not an admin, and I don't use Reddit much, so yeah... I can't make announcements, nor do I know how to. I do plan to make a post on the changes after a few other stuff gets merged.

  39. thank you very much for taking time to explain this, it was pretty concise

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