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  1. Every President since Nixon has voluntarily released their tax returns, in an effort at financial transparency, to make clear any possible sources of conflict of interests. The Orange Cheeto can’t do this, because everything about him is corrupt and a conflict of interest.

  2. Just look it up with the United States Patent and Trademark Office..

  3. The story is published on @whitepaper (Instagram profile).. then I verified the trademark by searching on USPTO’s site..

  4. Congress is a heavenly place for criminals these days!

  5. Can’t believe this criminal is allowed to work at the state capital!

  6. He's probably glad he killed that guy because he's famous now and that's super fucked up.

  7. She makes an incredible subject case for psychologists !!! She needs to be seriously studied !

  8. Call me nuts but I cannot imagine ever smiling again knowing that i murdered another human being - depriving the universe of everything they, and their ancestors, would have ever accomplished.

  9. Fuck me! A majority in the House. Really grim.

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