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  1. I thought youwaned o'be shayved... down'der!

  2. Do you have a picture of your boobies I could see?

  3. That was several mushroom kingdoms ago..

  4. You're gonna take a guy who's looking for a girlfriend, put him on TV and say 'oh, here's a pedophile'. That's what you're gonna do, right?

  5. So you figured you'd try another category?

  6. Do you ever get high and watch Family Guy?

  7. You will get to watch as my bare head parts your pussy lips it's sooooo hot

  8. He didn't really have, how can I say, friends when he was younger.

  9. Looks like you brought enough stuff to move in.

  10. Please sir, I'm really a good guy. I'm very close to my family, I'm a religious person, my mother's very sick

  11. Whyyyyyy would a man in the military with a family at home...

  12. Yeah. Any guy who asks a 13 year old “how’s your downward dog” gets no sympathy.

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