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Can't Believe I Keep Sabotaging My Own Pension 😢

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  1. Obviously we need to pay for more training and even cooler weapons so the cops will intervene.

  2. If the cops had an orbital platform from which to safely bombard the shooter with photon cannons this would have been over much sooner

  3. Wishlisted this on steam a while back, I’ve been meaning to play the demo

  4. It is somehow even more stark when you boil it down to compassion versus profit, isn’t it? How is the entire species locked into this battle over something that is so self evident and intuitive? Millennia of machinations, no doubt.

  5. This game is pretty fun, I’ve got around 20 hours in it. It is early access and it lacks polish but it’s a relaxing driving game.

  6. Ocarina of Time next without a doubt. it’s the “basic” choice - it’s probably the #1 most common favourite equal with LTTP - may as well see why. IMO the controls are surprisingly competent for the first 3D Zelda, I think the graphics hold up fantastically, and it’s just fun as hell with a great story. Just thinking about it is making me want to start it up.

  7. Their thighs are so beefy and then they have little chopsticks for legs

  8. Stealth games! Obviously they tend to favor one style of gameplay. But any stealth game worth it's salt is all about clever approach and moment to moment problem solving.

  9. Damn I really need to play MGSV. I own it on PC and PS5 but just never got around to it but it sounds sick.

  10. I'm surprised the questions wasn't just deleted

  11. Power wise you should be OK, but you’ll probably want to get a V2 cable ASAP. I have an X570 based motherboard which has the same USB issues as the B550 chipset and it was very unstable with the G2 until I replaced the cable.

  12. Literally the only people on earth who start a conversation with “hello mate/friend/etc” are scammers lol

  13. Yesterday I was passing through Levin and heard air raid sirens. This is probably the cause?

  14. Fuck I thought it was peanut butter when I was scrolling through, thought to myself “could lick some of it off”

  15. OP trying to squeeze us with emotionally charged fud, gtfo

  16. OP is a 4 hour old account with a sob story in a crypto sub 👁

  17. Looks great, I love the style and the concept is pretty funny too

  18. It's pronounced BEAR-rim-pour. Hope that helps!

  19. Me too, can’t stand the acrid taste of smoke any more.

  20. I mostly played ground war, it was a nice middle ground between warzone and regular modes in terms of pace and freedom. I hope it comes back.

  21. I wouldn’t rule out a bit of sideways action, too

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