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  1. Thank you so much. I've find the video.

  2. Please kindly share the name of the video or gives us a clue to Google there area so many videos of Liya. Thanks


  4. Love the courtesy that everyone should give to each other. Much appreciate your kindness!

  5. When I was twelve, I broke down when I told my female teacher my stepdad had a drinking problem, we had no money and we needed to move out to get away from him. She told me I was almost a man now and needed to stop crying.

  6. Nothing on my nephew's Pixel 3 XL in Belarus too. His phone still on .C1 firmware.

  7. I am in Canada and as of today I have not received this update and still on C1.

  8. Sorry in advance, I am not a techie and I have visual issues. However, I know that if say, I go to Redgifs, I can hear the sound of the video clip. I just went to Gyfcat and obviously there is no sound. Didn't get the binary code of OP. That's why I am asking.👍☮️

  9. Please remember that everyone reacts to drugs, especially of the psychiatric variety, very differently. OP’s experience may not be your experience and so on. Closely monitor how you feel on the meds and judge/act accordingly.

  10. I obviously and those who take antidepressants on a daily basis and for decades now (me!) most certainly understand your predicament. But I am baffled by the fact that your doctor has not giving you Buspar along with the antidepressants. I take Buspar ( buspirone is the generic) and got no sexual issues. Even without taking Buspar I get morning wood..and while on Buspar just on two days I can ejeculate and carry normal sexual relationships. But I will also understand that what is good for a goose like me, may not work for the gander...sorry if I am mixing my colloquial expressions but I think everyone understands. Good Luck... don't have that pessimistic attitude, respectfully and unsolicited recommending.☮️👍

  11. No one thanked you. But I do. I like to scroll thru the subreddit and I am always perplexed in the lack of courtesy when someone gives you the answer. So thanks!

  12. How to do exterminate them? What should I buy for my NYC apartment? Thanks ☮️

  13. You need to find out where the moisture is getting in and stop that. They will collect where there is moisture and mold or mildew to feed on. They normally live in moist soil. Their presence in a structure indicates that there might be a leak somewhere, especially if you found them near the sink.

  14. The issue is that they come out of the crack next to the place where I have the dishwashing soap. I will move it to the other side to keep the moisture or water away but when you wash the dishes water always gets into that long vertical crack. I will ask the landlord to see 8f wee could seal the crack. Thanks so much for your kind help.

  15. The little details are the ones that count. Showing or doing for your loved one stuff she or he loves...

  16. At least 10 more years before 4G shutdown you have plenty of time with your old Pixels.

  17. It is great when they are medium size and natural. During the summer, woman wear low cut blouses and as they walk their breasts quicker.. lovely sight!

  18. Not complaining, so don't get me wrong. But don't you think the length is those inner lips are so long? I rather like that than outer lips that are so large and very outside. Innies are for me more exciting...

  19. Buy a house in Tulum with excellent some of you may know, when you do the second, you can't throw the toilet paper on the toilet and flush it down

  20. Did you take a picture of your computer monitor? Savage.

  21. Thanks so much. What happened was that a poster had it in another subreddit and ask him/ her for name and never responded so I couldn't do a cross over, hence the photo from the computer. Much appreciated 👍

  22. Just save the image and post it to imgur and put that link here. Like this -

  23. The black and white movie called Freaks and The film t the Cook , the wife and her lover

  24. I guess I need to see more Valerie Kay videos, because it seems most of you are voting for her. But my vote is for Tori

  25. That’s weird but I’ve had similar issues with notifications on Reddit so it doesn’t surprise me. It’s a mess lol.

  26. Now I saw your comment posted on Reddit.. Yellow journalism was and is big..even Joseph Pulitzer is well known for starting or encouraging the Spanish American War that eventually took Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Philippines from Spain. Bye

  27. He was supposed to have been born in Seville, Spain, one of the few Roman emperors born outside of Italy. So we know that Andalusia has a lot of blond people. But that big nose is weird. As we know Hispania had so many invaders like the visigoths and northern "barbarians" perhaps his big truncated nose is part of that???

  28. The only thing I didn't know and learned here is that she had retired.

  29. Eggs Spanish style. Spaniards like to use s lot of olive oil to make sunny side down eggs

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