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Men crying is not weird

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If Roe v. Wade is tossed it would mark the first time the Supreme Court overturned precedent 'to limit civil rights, not expand them,' expert says

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  1. I don't see how your relationship with your family can be saved after this profound betrayal. They're going to try it again and again until they finally enslave you. Obviously, you have to sever contact with them after making it absolutely clear, beyond any debate why. I would also inform the larger family circle what has happened before they do.

  2. Perhaps mr. NBA thinks the President is just an American King? However my expectation is that a POTUS who cannot even purge the US Post Office of that Trump saboteur Louis DeJoy probably won't get rid of a single gun.

  3. OMG take my up arrow you magnificent bastard!

  4. Most liberals can't emotionally deal with the fact that America has tens of millions of Fascists in it. So the Fascists get dismissed as morons, or decent people temporarily corrupted by Fox News. They're not. They're fundamentally shitty people.

  5. Beg your pardon, but the Liberals/Progressives I know are the ONLY ones who recognize the Fascist movement for what it is. It sure as hell isn't Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer raising a red flag, no that would be so improper and rude.

  6. Who do you think gave this bullshit post 65,000 upvotes? It wasn't Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

  7. Perhaps you did not pick up on my sarcasm? Let me help.

  8. Newsweek says Monkeypox is not a gay disease. So now everyone thinks it's a gay disease. Effing Newsweek.

  9. Thank you for your opinion and the bonus of letting me know who to block.

  10. This is the scene that made me realize how the colors in Heartstopper have been leaping off the screen in a way I haven't seen hardly at all. Add that to the joy of Nick realizing that being gay is not a terrible thing but a source of happiness and joy really made me happy to watch. I hope this show wins some awards for all their excellent work!

  11. Why do I suspect your idea of research is composed entirely of memes your friends sent to you on Facebook?

  12. Uh huh. So that German guy who got 90+ covid vaccines so he could sell vax cards on the black market should be what, growing fish scales by now? Looks like he's perfectly fine - putting a huge hole in your long term effects theory.

  13. Sorry to say that Roe is done. Elections have consequences and we have just entered the age when all Americans have to worry about losing their constitutional rights.

  14. the cruelty is the point and their actions prove it

  15. You'd think that when faced with their colleague's utter contempt of the citizens' needs, the Democrats would stand up to them and LOUDLY criticize them at every opportunity. But no, that might mean they wouldn't be invited to DC cocktail parties. COUGHmariacantwellCOUGH

  16. As our democratic leaders sit back and watch democracy get plowed under in favor of White Nationalism, do you wonder if any of them say 'You know, this looks bad for us - but I don't want to rock the boat and be accused of having a bad "tone" by my republican colleagues"?

  17. The real gay test has nothing to do with wrist strength, just take note of the guy making all the gay jokes and the one who isn't laughing.

  18. The problem with switching back to Intel is that it's a dead end. There won't be anymore Intel Macs and that means you're going to have to switch to Apple Silicon again regardless of your quips.

  19. I thought the billions spent on the Dept. of Homeland Security was supposed to keep us safe from domestic terrorists? Why does the NY AG have to do it for them?

  20. Just because you regret having had sex with that person does not make it rise to the level of sexual assault. You trivialize real victims of SA by making this claim, people who will have lasting, life long trauma because of violent rape. What happened to you was just a sexual encounter that you completed then decided you didn't like it - after the fact. By next month you won't even remember what happened.

  21. Violent rape isn't the only form of sexual assault, you actual piece of shit.

  22. Two things: thank you for your opinion and I appreciate you letting me know who to block.

  23. There is no lie to outlandish that republican won't propagandize. The more hateful and insane it is the more they love to hear it.

  24. I'm so glad he was able to stand up and back out of the road. When a tiny little blonde lady in a giant black SUV changed lanes and didn't see me on my motorcycle, I was bumped off the 520 and shattered my leg. It hurt.

  25. Me and her daughter were going to get married. I had asked her dad for permission and gotten a ring but called it off when I caught her doing heroin again. I had helped her get clean for 4 months and then we started dating for 8 months and I was going to propose. I hope she's okay. She's living at a heroin and meth house for the past year. I still care about her and hope she gets out and gets clean. But her mom has a pill addiction and knows I take pain meds for sever chronic pain from having bone cancer when I was younger and an below knee amputation which causes me daily pain.

  26. I've had a couple of exes who fell into the heroin/meth hole. They are all dead now including the one who went clean for six months.

  27. There's a pretty good chance it is illegal in that state to pursue controlled substances without a prescription. If I were this guy I'd make sure the authorities had a report on file about this sweet lady.

  28. Hi. Seattle here where we have completely legalized cannabis for recreational use. To those dear Texas citizens, how does it feel to you knowing people in my state, Washington, have more FREEDOM than you?

  29. I stand behind what I wrote and will not be removing my comment. You "should definitely" learn that just because someone has a different opinion from you does not make them automatically wrong.

  30. Your judgement is clear and completely ignores cultural differences, and you blindly accuse me of endorsing sexual harassment. There. Do you fell better now or would you like a cookie too?

  31. White privilege is believing you have the right to harass your POC neighbors.

  32. Corporate America owns the Democrats and they don't want regulations so don't expect any promises fulfilled that go against their donors.

  33. Asteroid Ceres has a huge amount of water ice, so much so that if it were in liquid form it would be equal to half of the water in all of earth's oceans. Jupiter's moons Europa, Ganymede and Callisto have even more so having to fly out to the rings of Saturn to get water is completely unnecessary.

  34. The problem I see is not with the safety, bur rather with the Deep geological repository, we have no secure way for the disposal yet. Seen in a long run because that shit is still gonna be radioactive in a million years and there is no secure method to mark it for future generations or dispose of it completely. Though coal and gas are still worse, but going as far as to call nuclear energy green energy, like some eu countrys are trying to is simple euphemism.

  35. Back when the USA was a serious country we started building the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository for long term nuclear waste. After spending billions on the project, it was shut down by the Trump administration (likely for being an "Obama" project). It's sitting there abandoned. Meanwhile, all of our nuclear waste is sitting in barrels on-site at nuclear power plants.

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