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Tsunami Warning Just Issued

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  1. The minister literally in charge of creating and passing legislation about law enforcement calls the Edmonton Chief of Police right after he breaks the law. The entire UCP is corrupt, through and through.

  2. Lol no. Guess you haven't been following Alberta politics since the UCP got into power.

  3. Because they're anti-vaxxers pretending to be athletes so they can further their anti-science agenda.

  4. Look at mister moneybags over here able to afford cake!

  5. The article was bitchier than it was informative.

  6. Welcome to the Toronto Sun opinion section.

  7. So true. Your posts and comments are always my favourite. Keep strong!

  8. Love how the article includes the kids in the photo for some "reason". Like someone said, fluff piece.

  9. Not true of Canadian beef at all. We have massive amounts of grazing land and it’s cheaper to allow cows to graze natural grassland than to cram them all in a barn and truck food in

  10. Most of the natural, regenerative, pasture-raised, grass-fed [insert other marketing bullshit term] cows get trucked to massive feedlots like the ones in Feedlot Alley, Alberta where they're fattened up with corn and then sent to industrial slaughterhouses like Cargill or JBS.

  11. Grass fed/finished cattle is becoming popular now with people who don’t want to support feedlots and factory farming. Farmers can charge a premium for grass fed grass finished beef so it’s become an attractive option.

  12. Again, most beef cows in Canada are sent to intensive feedlot operations before being killed in federally-licensed slaughterhouses operated by foreign-owned multinational corporations.

  13. Is this a Costco ad or a Canada Dry ad?

  14. Tsunami advisory issued for British Columbia.

  15. Honest question, does freshly sliced bread taste much different than pre-sliced?

  16. I'm especially annoyed when "my" preferred party does misleading nonsense of this sort, whether federal or provincial. You like to think that they're better than that, but no, they aren't. Because of garbage like this, it's no longer a case of voting for the party you like best, but rather for the one that stinks least.

  17. That's exactly my view and why I posted this. Any party using these tactics is no better than the rest. I want to see real change, not cheap propaganda that uses a crisis to score political points over the shittier party.

  18. Thats why we gotta vote in as many independants as we can a screw the political class up.... its a middle class and under vs the top now and they keep feeding us divisive ideas while posting garbage like this to pat themselves on the back. I feel bad for the generation younger than me and my kids to boot. Home ownership is waaay out of their reach now. But gotta keep that money printer going.

  19. With the makeup of our legislature and what we saw with the Greens before this recent election, a few independent MLAs could hold the balance of power between the two parties (along with the Greens).

  20. Hey Farnworth, quick! Send in the RCMP to hold them accountable!

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