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  1. How old are you? (You don't need to answer that if you don't want to) My daughters both went through a loosening of curl to waves in their 20s. The one who is older, the curls are coming back, the other has kept the glamour waves. Just to say, hair can change and yours looks really good with the loose waves, nothing to complain about there, it's lovely.

  2. i’m 21, i did learn they change with age a bit ago. thank you so much! 😁

  3. If you wanna be friends in Finch my code is WHESKTJCSP, me and my Luna would 🧡 the company 🥰

  4. no wayyy my finch is named Luna too!! 💕

  5. thank you for looking so closely at her, we do think she is young based on her teeth. she was a rescue from somewhere in colorado, but unfortunately the couple who had her broke up and left her with the man’s parents who don’t want her. she’s very sweet, learns new tricks quickly, super soft hair, and is quite active. we aren’t a shelter or rescue, we are actually a k-9 unit training and boarding facility so my boss doesn’t know what to do with her. i’m trying to learn more about her personality and guess her mix so i can work on finding her a home. everyone’s answers were very helpful!

  6. Depending where youre located maybe some black mouth cur?(dunno if theyre a common breed outside the south)

  7. we are located in ohio, but this pup came from somewhere in colorado!

  8. ugh, so annoying. little dogs get a bad rep always being called annoying or things you already mentioned. my brother has a havapoo and she is the sweetest, most adorable pup in the world. i would say the same about my staffordshire pitbull as well. and you’re completely right, so upsetting of a pitbull owner to discriminate against another breed when they of all people should know what it feels like. also, my brothers small dog plays with my pit and i also have a golden retriever. and i’ll be honest, my golden used to not be able to be around my brothers dog because she would growl and try to go after her. meanwhile my pit adores the small fur baby. overtime shes accepted my brothers dog, but it freaks me out when they play because i fear my golden will be reactive sometimes so they are constantly supervised. at the end of the day, just love your baby and ignore what all the other jerks have to say!

  9. Get her some Frosty Paws peanut butter doggie ice cream cups (freezer section) of the grocery store you big MEANIE!

  10. i’d love to, i’ve heard great things about it! but do they happen to make an alternative that doesn’t have peanut butter? unfortunately, she is allergic to it:( usually i get her a DQ pup cup of vanilla ice cream!

  11. You should make her some frozen watermelon popsicles! My pitbulls love watermelon 🥰

  12. Callie sure does love watermelon too, i’ll have to give it a try! :)

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