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  1. Public transport has served well enough so far u can pretty much get anywhere. Not exactly cheap either to get license but do want to get it done eventually (30)

  2. "why didn't they just say sorry?" is my favorite one

  3. Yep that's about the size of a uk house, everyones right up each others ass

  4. Very very faint i keep losing it but its there. I wouldn't take this as a positive but take another test if possible

  5. I hate this fight though . Everyone is standing right next to each other, the good guys shoot the bad guys but nobody shoots them

  6. Gotta love them scenes when so much gun fire going on but no one dying

  7. Am i the only one that tried every combination until they opened? Thankfully i think I've done them all now lol

  8. I don't really look at that stuff, the settings default on low and 30 fps.

  9. I use ascendo mod, helps with performance boost im usually 40-60fps depending on the area.

  10. Epic. I think dark resurrection had the best intro though

  11. Can’t be América, we just record everything.

  12. Well done u got someone mad on tekken u wanna medal?

  13. Yes I do make sure it has number 1 star on it too

  14. I use ds4 works perfectly. You can use ds4windows application to modify controller settings aswell as see battery levels.

  15. Morgans wife. The way she comes straight to the house, looks through the peephole and then tries the door.

  16. I never understood that. The only walker to open doors after she turned

  17. Love how all they did is throw a wig on him and call it job done, Dexter is now 18.

  18. Imo he sometimes creates good informative content and does alot for the tekken community by making these videos. But i dont agree with the shit he says sometimes and its clear his ego gets in the way, he speaks before he thinks and even if he realises he's wrong after he won't own up to it and drag it out. He thinks he knows better than everyone but he'll balance it out with a 'humble' comment every now and then

  19. First time in a while i was actually drawn to a scene in wd

  20. She grew up to have normal hitboxes and not a million crushing moves

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