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  1. do you think this could be done on an arduino nano?

  2. Personally I would upgrade the case, it looks like a mini atx and I prefer bigger cases because of all of the space, and I feel like the larger the case the better the airflow and less noise it makes tbh. With that I would also get a water cooler that has a 3 fan radiator just because it’ll look way better and run better. Honestly a 1 fan cooler is just as useful as just having a regular air cooler. Also that gpu could use an upgrade, you could have a way better gameplay experience with something even as cheap as a 2060. Don’t get me wrong , I used a radeon 580 xfx before upgrading to my 3070ti and it ran good on all of my high quality games (warzone, rb6s, etc.) but upgrading is an eye opener and really makes you see just how far these lil gpus have come. All in all if u got the money to upgrade go for it bro, it’ll just look even more cool than it already looks. That’s just my opinion though , so pls don’t trash me fellow redditers lol.

  3. i really appreciate your input! I really didnt like the case much when i got it, it was just a cheap reliable option that a lot of people seemed to like. I want something bigger that possibly has a little room for creativity so i can 3d print some things for the case to make it cool. i really want to go away from RBG, or at least program controlled RGB, since it does take some juice away from the pc. 3d printing and incorporating other objects or art methods to make the case cool.

  4. The strips. Liquid test kits are better because the strips can be unreliable, but if all you have is strips they’re better than nothing. The results that will be helpful are for ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. I’m not an axolotl expert by any means, so hopefully someone more knowledgeable will respond, but having that information will be helpful in diagnosing the problem.

  5. Typically we have to use pH up, stress conditioner and quick start

  6. check what’s in your stress conditioner, most of them are harmful to axoltols if it has aloe vera it’s a big no

  7. Sigh… it does have aloe in it.. I feel terrible…

  8. Hey OP do you live in a legal state by chance, just asking. No judgment.

  9. I vape mine at a smart temperature! No combustion here! Just for the people that rip those red hot nails for some reason.

  10. I can send you the link to my Etsy shop if you like

  11. This is sick man, keep doing your thing

  12. You are more than capable to purchase if you’d like! I have an Etsy page!

  13. The jar is actually a cleaning station with an insert! You fill it with IPA and it clean your glass after you get done smoking to keep your glass top notch and like new! You can drop whatever in to clean and the insert comes out with all the stuff you put in, just clean!

  14. Forgive me for my ignorance but what are those black and white checkered things you got there?

  15. Hahaha they are supposed to be QTips! The program i use doesnt have a good cotton material to use so i have to improvise with something close... hahaha didnt work!

  16. It’s for organization of smoking of the devils lettuce

  17. It looks very nice. Im impressed. I gotta be honest though, after using dentistry tools as the dab tool I've been unimpressed by every other tool I've tried that was intended for dabs.

  18. No way? Which tool in particular do you use? My gf is a dental hygienist and I bet she has some old tools somewhere to try.

  19. I'm sorry I don't know the names of them. My friend showed up one day with a whole kit. He let everyone take one home for ourselves. The one I have is two sided. Only slightly larger on one side than the other. They both have a little bend to them.

  20. Nice! I’ll have to see what she has and see what I can potentially use

  21. It comes with the tray, the mat, the jar, and a liner! I threw it up on my Etsy for I think 50 but have a sale on it until the end of the month

  22. The 8 oz bath looks like a jar, just chillin' on it. Doesn't seem like it's affixed to anything. What's the other oversized jar for?

  23. The jar is for Terp pearls to soak. All my bangers minus my Terp sluper fit in it as well. It also is pretty snug with some good tolerances. The lid comes off without the jar slipping! And it’s not just for Terp slurper pearls. My buddies have weird shaped pearls like a hot dog one for a regular banger which fits his tray and jar I made for him for Christmas.

  24. Just dont see how this could be worth $50 and still think it's got a lot of overkill additions. But that might just be for people who have no use for pearls or slurpers

  25. its mainly due to the price increases lately, in just about everything! Also its what my program computes what it will cost in electricity, material cost, and time.

  26. Also do not care if screen is damaged

  27. Stab a hole through it and grab on tight with some pliers and pull hard. I bet it’s pressed into place

  28. Honestly that's what I was thinking, either glue or press, cheers I'll give it a try with pliers. If that doesn't work, hammer and nail (chisel).

  29. Throw it in the freezer freezer! If it is a metal ring it’ll pop shrink faster than the grinder and should pop out easier when you apply the method with the pliers

  30. Picked up a station from you awhile ago! Still goin strong getting daily use, keep it up man!

  31. Oh no way man! I’m glad you’re still enjoying it!

  32. I had to double check you were the same guy! I saw this at first and thought someone was stealing your design 🤣🤣

  33. Lmao, I appreciate the kind words, have a great weekend!

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