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Reddit Recap 2022: Thanks for being here. Even if things were a mess out there.

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  1. Interesting finding, the cold air reduces the immune response to virus/bacteria in nostril.

  2. How do masks prevent you from inhaling viruses if the viruses are smaller than the filter porosity of the mask? Sounds like BS hypothesis to me without any real data to support.

  3. For the purposes of this study, my understanding is It wasn't about keeping viruses out - it was about keeping the nose warm so the the body's immune response to virus/ bacteria is maintained. Worth the read if you're interested in the actual data.

  4. Thanks team Reddit for always finding beauty in the mess !

  5. Matt Elliott op ed reminding us of the history involved with Ford's never ending search for the mythical gravy train. No reason to believe this time will be any different.

  6. Good read by Clara Pasieka. Conserving wetlands, changing the building code to require back water valves for new construction, better managing flood risk mapping - all these things can help Ontario prepare better. Some article excerpts:

  7. In a nutshell, Stanford finds corporate profits in concentrated sectors are big drivers of inflation. BOC approach to dampening down the whole economy through rate hikes could be revisited in favour of policy measures such as targeted price regulation. Article excerpts.

  8. Keenan 'spitballing' this morning about how to raise more city revenue.

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