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  1. If you want to fly a310 you should definitely turn it off. If you're flying something else you can keep it on or adjust your sensitivity as per Huddison's video.

  2. Obviously Honda Jet (Flight FX HJET 420)

  3. VNAV works for me every time. It's not nearly that bad as devs pictured it. Try these things

  4. 4. Import you flightplan from SimBrief, then in FMS choose SID for origin airport, and STAR for destination. Clear flight plan discontinuities if you'll have them. Now you have full IFR FP in your FMS and pretty much can ignore what ATC tells you.

  5. China or Russia, it's all autogen except for some of the big cities.

  6. Not true about Russia. I was born in some shithole city about 160 000 population. When i fly over there i can clearly see the house where i lived or school where i used to go from above 18000 ft. It is pretty boring country to fly over, yes, but autogen it is not.

  7. whole of Midwest. Kinda matches reality.

  8. It's comparable to the TBM-930 in speed if I recall correctly. That's why people hate on the vision jet IRL, it's somewhat of a toy for the rich when you can get faster aircraft and for cheaper too.

  9. may i ask In what world TBM-930 is cheaper than Vision Jet?

  10. FBW and Fenix both using proprietary code - hence they will never be in Marketplace.

  11. FlyByWire is literally open source… so not proprietary.

  12. PMDG always said they would bring DC-6 back and bring 737 to marketplace as soon as WASM.

  13. In beta, A310 isn't really that much better yet. Some QOL improvements to the EFB (an update to the EFB of a freeware plane no less lul PMDG). They need to fix the WASM compiling bug, that's where all the FPS is being lost.

  14. They won't. WASM work as intended they said. Ball on Asobo/MS side.

  15. Keeps the scorpions around and they'll eat all the roaches heh.

  16. Yes. If you have roaches, scorpions will come after them, sooner or later.

  17. And then keep lizards around, who in turn will eat all of the scorpions. Bingo.

  18. The issues for me is the fmc freezes randomly and autopilot will start bugging out mid flight. Also the gauges are all dark.

  19. AP issues not Xbox related. Make sure you disabled all of these four assistance options :

  20. I have all the assists off already but I can double check. Im also on PC not xbox

  21. Idk then - my AP refused to follow anything for shit until I turned these four off.

  22. Still better than downtown Phoenix on departure

  23. I can’t even get the A310 to have more than 32% fuel

  24. Are you referring to fuel mixture level, probably?

  25. Will have to check this when I get home, thanks for the update

  26. Yes sir. Please update me if it helps.

  27. Had to uninstall it due to a sound bug. If anyone else is flying the A310, then you will hear their engine noise as if it's right next to your ear, even if you're 5 miles away.

  28. Works as expected. I am sure that IRL pilots also wouldn't be able to stand deafening engine sounds if they go outside during the flight.

  29. Haven’t had that bug but pretty sure that’s not what he’s talking about and a plane isn’t gonna sound like it’s next to you even when it’s only a mile away.

  30. Oh I am sorry. Didn't know that there's a bug in PC.

  31. Yeah I can’t press anything on the EFB screen, I’m using a controller so I’m assuming it’s a possible compatibility issue with the Xbox controller

  32. Just press then in cursor mode. It won't work with freecam cursor. Also had same problem

  33. Oh, if everything works fine for you, you might probably help me.

  34. The only reason I have barely flown the a310 is because it absolutely destroys my FPS

  35. The only reason I have barely flown the a310 is because I can't stand typos.

  36. But it's not exclusive to airliners....

  37. If you don't mind me asking, what HVAC unit is it hooked up to? I had this problem. It would short cycle and my Nest would throw an error or think the unit was on but it was off.

  38. Yeah I even went up on the roof today to check what's there. It's actually Trane unit, heat pump with electric heater. So my understanding is that my wiring is missing something - I have W1 (white) wrire for that heater but I don't have any O/B (most likely orange) for reversing valve. Or! My C wire (blue) is actually is an O/B wire, in this case I don't have C one.

  39. Update! I bought the 414. Thanks for the recommendation. Exactly what I was looking for. Flew it around this weekend in my area (SoCal) and it was exactly what I was looking for. Incredible plane top to bottom. Going to be flying this a ton i can already tell.

  40. Probably the best bucks you'd ever spend for a payware on XBOX at least until WASM comes in!

  41. Sorry, I just meant why is it so loved by the community. Is it just a great study level aircraft, is it loved for the history behind it, was it an amazing performance aircraft with a cult following, etc. Thanks for supplying the link though, I’ll definitely have to browse through the list.

  42. Oh gotcha, OK. I can only speak for myself, I briefly described why I like it in comment below.

  43. I know this has probably been answered before, but does the same apply if I purchase the game on Xbox vs playing on cloud?

  44. Well, first check how good is your connection to nearest Azure data center

  45. Cloud gaming is streamed at 720p and is heavily compresssed, if I remember correctly? It looks better when played locally.

  46. If you're running mods check for updates or remove. SU 10 changed things with garmins

  47. No sir. Working Title mod is mandatory for any 3p plane that uses g1000/nxi nowadays. Otherwise you will run into ton of bugs. For example - on SWS Kodiak 100 all screen will be dimmed no matter what - until you install mod, and this is the way how it works, it was announced by Asobo.

  48. A regular ILS (Cat I) is only meant to get you 200 ft above the runway (baro minimum specified in the chart). It's still your task to take control and land on the center line when you can see the runway (or go around if you can't see it or if you are too far off).

  49. Oh well. Did all the same in Kodiak 100 with G1000NXi - smooth lock on the middle of desired runway, every time.

  50. That’s alright. The built in ATC is trash anyway. Just turn it off. I was just saying that the GPS until you get the glideslope is pointless and isn’t needed or part of an ILS approach. Just use the localizer and glideslope as intended.

  51. Oh I wish I could, but I am on Xbox (even worse - on xcloud) so that would be too much hassle for me to manage whole ATC aspect.

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