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  1. And you have the security of knowing the framework won't be EOL'd and you have to either maintain some behemoth yourself, or explain to the client why they have to pay again to have their app rebuilt.

  2. It's way easier but way harder. Backend is technically harder, but you have consistency. Front end is technically easier, but getting consistency is nigh impossible

  3. This fucking shit, I've had a win10 computer years and this pops up occasionally for no reason whatsoever.

  4. About five years ago utes were a 100% tax right-off for a business. You didn't have to use it for work, like a tradie, it just had to be owned by a business. Utes by then had also become pseudo luxury vehicles at the top of the range (WildTrak, Highline) so it made sense to get one. That's why I did. Had dreams of going off-road but in six years never did. Just bought my second Ute though because they're super handy. We do go camping, but I'm always using the tray to move stuff and often lend the Ute to family who need to do the same. Wouldn't go back to a car, utes forever.

  5. Start with HTML. It's the hardest language and once you've mastered it everything else is easy

  6. By the time I got to house on Elm I was totally lost, but I thought the punchline would bring it all together. It didn't

  7. At least he is better then me. 50% of my lines end in a semicolon and the other 50% dont.

  8. I can't stand seeing JS with semi colons, but it is living on the edge

  9. Well that's not exactly rocket science is it, increased physical activity and better diet have a plethora of health benefits.

  10. No, no. Lock people inside and restrict exercise. That's the ticket

  11. C'mon Reddit, we can do better. Let's get it down to 1/6

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