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[OC] The man who is going to unseat Marjorie Taylor Greene, Marcus Flowers

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Georgia Scream was sure "the Corona virus" was made up by the government to control our lives... or that riots were driving it somehow. He decided he was done with that covid 19 crap in 2021. Some of his friends tried to talk some sense into him, but in the end he leaves his son without a father.

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  1. It's like schizophrenia or split personality. They hate west and capitalism but they're so desperate to use its "fruits". Capitalism no no, but hey let me get my family in debt so I can get the newest iphone! I really don't get it.

  2. They dont hate capitalism in Russia lmao its not the USSR anymore theyre capitalist now, they just suck at making shit

  3. Per KCRG: At approximately 3:45 pm on Wednesday, crews say a fire broke out in a light fixture above the commons of the library. The sprinkler system activated in the appropriate zone and the fire was quickly extinguished.

  4. MTG is 21 points ahead in polling and 538 has a <1% chance of Flowers winning unfortunately

  5. Former Iowan here, I know this is one singular event but it seems like Iowa has really taken a turn for the worse the last 15 years or so. I guess gradually defunding your states education and neglecting college graduates will do that.

  6. Yep lived here my whole life and it definitely has, remember when we were a swing state lmao

  7. Also a city employee of a small town in iowa definitely a good ol boys club

  8. Wait your friend is that YouTuber who recorded this video?

  9. No she posted it then deleted it for some reason then a randon viral vids channel re-upload it

  10. I’m guessing you never did get an answer on how to direct your autistic obsession huh?

  11. Yeah his whole account is obsessing about how women can be bad people too

  12. Ethan is being such an idiot. Complaining about something being too sweet? Sus coming from Ethan.

  13. Also you dont use bbq style baked beans on toast its like some tomato sauce based beans

  14. This strain of hatespeech is anti-gay propaganda that goes back to the 50s.

  15. Goddamn and theres alot of fuckin scumbags in the comments of that vid calling gay people and teachers pedos

  16. Theyre all parked at the kum and go on 16th rn, just looks like a shit load of kids, theyre blasting music and revving engines n shit

  17. isn't the guy required to be in the army? aren't all men 18-60 required in Ukraine?

  18. No they're required to stay and defend, not necessarily join the actual military

  19. So was that video of the American veteran telling people that they weren’t letting foreigners leave and are forcing them to fight with no plates, gear, and minimal ammo not real? Serious question.

  20. Havent seen that but i got my information from the Ukrainian foreign legion website itself, but it seems like Ukraine would have more than enough of those things from all the aid theyre getting, also i think them not letting foreigners leave would be huge news if that was the case

  21. It is not whataboutism to acknowledge that all three of these conflicts are bad.

  22. Its whataboutism to bring that shit up every fuckin time this war is mentioned, we arent in Iraq or Afghanistan anymore, the only thing we're able to do now is just whine about it on the internet, id rather focus on the biggest european conflict since ww2 thats currently happening, we get it, iraq and Afghanistan were bad, but what the fuck does it have to do with anything going on right now, the only reason people bring it up is to go but what about but what about

  23. The reason people keep bringing these conflicts up is because Russia is learning the same lessons we did in those conflicts.

  24. I get where ur coming from, its just the vast majority of people i see bringing up those wars are either just doing it to say "America bad" or to propagate for Russia, i will say the op of this thread wasnt doing as much, its just very annoying to see it in literally every thread about this war

  25. Hopefully this season is what I thought last season was gonna be

  26. Yeah i bet money on us winning atleast 12 games last season lmao

  27. Not if you live in iowa, nothing but obnoxious bears fans

  28. My brother ran over a man who was on drugs and committing suicide in middle of dark country road. Or he was on drugs and the flat top was warm from the day and that’s why he lay down. It permanently messed my brother up. I couldn’t even imagine the guilt of hitting a toddler.

  29. My dad was in a car with his friend in highschool and his friend was driving through piles of leaves on the side of the road and ran over a 2 year old that was playing in one, killed himself a couple years later from guilt

  30. My brother works at mediacom and says this: in my experience it is worth it, but the only Ethernet that works is out of the the base unit hooked to the modem and that there is only one port, you would need to hook an Ethernet switch to it to hook up multiple Ethernet devices, you can get simple ones for about 15 dollars that will do the job just fine. If possible maybe put the modem and base unit upstairs next to the PC if not a long Ethernet would work too. The wifi that the eeros put out is wifi 6 so the speed is good on them and the coverage is a mesh system so it's pretty reliable. I have hooked up many units and haven't had any issues directly related to the eeros themselves

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