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  1. Nobody considers those bands to be "dad rock".. dad rock are bands like Breaking Benjamin, Five Finger Death Punch, Three Days Grace, Shinedown, Godsmack. Based off of how generic their music is.

  2. I feel like Rocket League could add this as a game mode and outcompete you and your team. This is really cool, but it's derivative enough to cause concern. People wouldn't be able to tell the difference, and Rocket League is free...

  3. This guy for real. You belong here, as you don't know what you are talking about just spewing random catch phrases, lmao boy.

  4. Keep using the m1 money chart as your indicator 😆

  5. M8 really. Do learn the fundamentals, you'll thank me later. Most of the time the fundamentals matter much more than any other indicator.

  6. Yea, currently full ported on an oil company with no debt, low p/e ratio, sitting on an abundance of cash, bought waaaaay below intrinsic value. Up 200% on my leaps rn. Wby?

  7. Amazing how people won't believe scientists about things, but we do believe Jim Cramer when he says the market is heading towards a recession. Amazing!

  8. well at least that means my spy puts will print 🤑🤑

  9. Yup, you and everyone else here. Then everyone is rich and lives happily ever after. 😁

  10. Yeah man. With everyone and their mom on wsb saying that we're heading towards a recession, obviously puts will pay! And then everyone here will be rich, and everyone lives happily ever after. Absolute cope story, you're a bunch of retards thinking we are going into a "recession".

  11. I bet I'm not sure if I want my puts to expire Wednesday or Friday. I could get more if I did Wednesday and I'll likely sell before jpow pumps Wednesday afternoon anyways. But that damn meta earnings the same day screws everything up because I'd wager we gap down Thursday morning. Plus gdp is premarket Thursday

  12. Quite clear even you don't believe in your DD. Gap down Thursday but sell puts Wednesday afternoon before fed talks? Are you a retard?

  13. Am I a retard?? Aren’t we all here because of that you fucking retard.

  14. Fair, but you're the biggest one here, cause i wasnt even talking to you!!

  15. Once you learn that media is one of the largest profit producers in America you stop giving a shit about the hysterical headlines

  16. Lol we’re going into a recession. It just hasn’t happened yet

  17. Believe what you want, I believe we're in a cyclical bear market!

  18. I been playing those triple leveraged for a while now. About 3 months ago I started doing some options on them. $200 dollars to test the water. Now is double. Took some time. But, I play them like the stocks. With an entry and exit point. Manage risk. Don't get emotional. If I finish the year positive I probably will put some serious money into some plays.

  19. You are gonna get fucked by the spread trying to day trade triple leveraged options.. thats even more degenerate than day trading dailies on the QQQ...

  20. Can't argue with that lol although I'd say if you full port your entire acc into triple leverage OTM options, that would scream more WSB to me. Atleast you have a chance winning that way

  21. as a european this endlessly confuses me, in most european countries public transit is the standard, and cars are used mostly by families or for emergencies

  22. As an American, I see no problem with public transportation, but if I'm in DC/NYC I can almost expect to be asked for money/threatened whilst riding the metro. If there was more emphasis at helping less fortunate individuals in america I reckon public transport wouldn't be looked down upon.

  23. Can confirm that the guy who said "Can confirm: this is all dumb." Is dumb

  24. My girlfriend won't allow me to wear sweatpants in public.

  25. You can die from irritating a fire ant dirt hill in South Carolina.

  26. Then why even post this?? You reject everything anyone suggests.

  27. Of course he rejects what he explicitly said he would reject in his title. Are you dense? Asking rhetorical questions like that is probably a direct parallel to why this guy doesn't like coworkers bc people have to ask stupid shit like this.

  28. Rejecting empathy is nastier than calling someone out for it.

  29. (Wife here) Also for context, the manager before this started scheduling people as "6-?" thinking she could just keep them as long as she wanted. Someone complained and Corporate got involved, so there was no more of that.

  30. I'm sure the corporate shills love a "hard working", miserable employee, that is willing to spend every second of their existence in a dominos. What a disgusting promotion. When will this shit end?

  31. Shame that it's illegal for fans of shite teams to call out terrible moves around here.

  32. If anything us terrible sports fan (let's go wizards) know what terrible moves look like haha

  33. Wow Minnesota gave up a ton for what feels like an experiment.

  34. I dont think 15 rebounds per game on one of the highest fg percentage on offense is necessarily an experiment. As a DC fan, I'd be elated if I were a t wolves fan. U guys have a chance against the suns and the warriors.

  35. Thank you. I rly don’t get why people are downplaying Wall so much.

  36. As a wizards fan, the only gripe I have is his efficiency from mid range and 3 pt. Hopefully he let's pg and kawhi shoot the ball.

  37. Next to Beal, huh? Can Davis play point guard, or do you see Beal filling that role?

  38. Beal can't play one, as much as I love the guy, man's can barely handle getting himself dressed in the morning much less the basketball.

  39. Calling a raise pre flop in cash games is usually sub optimal play. You either fold your hand, or you raise because you think you have the better hand, and better position on the table.

  40. I was expecting to see poker tracker data showing you winning 84% of the times you played Q4o

  41. Who would play q4o enough to make 84% even a quantifiable integer? Put me at a table with them lol

  42. Reminds me of a time I was doing the scav extract with a PMC. The extract glitches, and we aren't able to extract so I decide I want to kill the PMC for his gear. I had a shotgun full of shitty as buckshot, I get as close as I can, aim for the head, BAM, 3 damage done to him. He starts laughing on VOIP and we just walk our separate ways. Best moment on tarkov for me.

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