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We Don’t Need More Heroes (9/11 Thoughts)

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This hits me right in the feels

  1. The comments on that post was funny when they posted. But they started to delete comments. I just thought it was funny how much the gun is printing.

  2. 99% of people will never perceive it as a gun.

  3. That's not necessarily true, printing is fine sometimes, but you should definitely try to keep concealment as much as possible, remember to fix your shirt!!!

  4. Most people don’t assume gun. They assume phone, insulin pump, anything else. Anything they’re more familiar with.

  5. I can shoot a deer at my feeder, walk across wet ground by the feeder to track it, gut it 30 yards away and an hour later more deer will be there eating.

  6. No, ranch style is a specific style.

  7. Been there a bit. Too bad he didn’t live for you to take him!

  8. Several of those states don’t require permission to exercise a right.

  9. Early November to mid January in Texas. Special late season in January for doe/antlerless/spike.

  10. Good question. Always working on draw and first shot time but honestly sort of hit a wall. I don’t even know what I should be trying to improve. I have a good grasp on the basics and currently just refining them.

  11. How good are you at identifying and moving behind cover/concealment when the encounter starts?

  12. Probably not very good. I only dry fire in my room. Not very much opportunity to practice that skill. Maybe I need to take my dry firing out to the living room

  13. But only white breast meat… which can be dry and flavorless without a little spice.

  14. With our rifle season wrapping up, I got some beef sticks from the store, and tag soup from the woods.

  15. We have digital tags this year. Tag soup sucks worse now.

  16. They have no idea where food comes from. One of my favorite lines from Yellowstone is when he goes off about only saving the cute ones… not the ones plowed up in the fields to grow vegetables.

  17. I was thinking about this scenario as well. You can try striking that primer again with just the empty case chambered (once you've cleared the barrel, obviously) to confirm if it's still live or not.

  18. I’d rather let Hornady examine it as is.

  19. I must not know what to look for they look exactly the same to me Info wise

  20. Engraved, polished wood stock pre-64 Winchester lever action. Preferably .30-30.


  22. You know, you folks crack me up. Whenever someone doesn't cry the blues with you (i.e. pointing out that they don't have the same problems), they are branded a troll.

  23. Or when they ask questions it’s easier to get the answers to than post here, like “what’s a locker?”

  24. It’s almost like that should be google-able:

  25. Time to go it on your own. Also, why not reach out to the extended family and do holidays with them?

  26. I actually feel like I should. The past couple of years I have heard so many awful things about them and about many horrible things they have done to my parents, but I feel... maybe I should sort of extend an olive branch?

  27. One of my favorite trips was Japan for New Year’s. Celebrating amongst the people was incredible.

  28. Competition. Gets a lot of use, banged around, dirty, wet, etc.

  29. That's fine. It still doesn't mean it's at a discount now. I could make a decent argument that the S&P is still overvalued.

  30. It’s definitely undervalued now compared to a strong economy. Many of the stocks and segments that have fallen the most were being traded on stupid multiples, though. No argument there.

  31. Sure, as the value goes up, the price goes up. This is why consistency is important.

  32. Can you fucking read? How the fuck is offering $20ish bucks for a ride and then only paying $15ish paying what was agreed upon?

  33. Destination change? Different route or time?

  34. Is the Hogwarts sign still there? I’d pay you today and pick up tomorrow if so.

  35. Hi, it’s still here! It’s $10, as is the little bank next to it. Send me a dm and I will send you the payment info :)

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