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  1. That would have impacted the price last quarter. Numbers are from October 29th.

  2. Oh yeah they seemed perfectly fine, absolutely, but also kinda forgettable like the Marvel film before the last one you saw.

  3. What exactly is the deal with the French debt thing? Can someone elaborate?

  4. It's just a loan given by the French government during the pandemic to help affected businesses.

  5. How long did you quit playing? Your rank degrades if you stop playing.

  6. It's pretty impressive that the TV didn't break. Bonus points for perfect score.

  7. im asking how i can get rid of the recurring payment trash, im not putting my details on this

  8. Buy a card for however many months you want through GameStop. They have 1 and 3 month options. Use the code to get your subscription and you never have to enter your payment credentials.

  9. I laughed too hard at this. If there was a hell, I'd be going there.

  10. You go to Disney heaven if you die on Disney land.

  11. You go to Disney Valhalla if you die in battle at Disneyland

  12. They made it for SS and had a drop like 10 days ago. It was free, I’m still waiting for mine to hit my wallet

  13. In fact, other than that Emmett was missing, Andy Richter had assembled nearly all his siblings for their High School graduation.

  14. Dumb fux in the states pass around so many lame theories about Hilary Clinton was dead and body doubled.

  15. Had a friend swear yo me that Michelle Obama was a man and their kids were paid actors. I stopped talking to him that day.

  16. How did I get that tag on my user name?? I'd like to correct it if possible. I have a 16 WRX STI WRB stock

  17. I dont know why they didnt release console version aswell .

  18. I looked it up and it's supposed to be coming to console soon

  19. credit to Klobrille for the image. follow the guy on Twitter

  20. Is Valheim coming to console? It's already available on PC game pass.

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