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  1. When you say radio... do you literally mean AM/FM radio? Because i think both people who still listen already closed on their houses last month.

  2. Brother, you sound like you need to get your ass whooped. You’re 9 fuckin months into real estate, quitting because it was too hard for you, but you’re spouting advice to new agents like you’ve run the fuckin marathon.

  3. "Please take this comment personally". I love this so hard.

  4. Simply not true. I saved thousands of dollars last year by using this structure.

  5. Would hate to be a client of yours just leaving racks on the table

  6. Generally, we see people not claiming deductions as sole props (when they certainly can) and then thinking they can only because they went LLC or similar. They're ignorant and unaware of the overlap between sole props and corporate structures.

  7. And not just killed, but basically tortured in the worst possible agony.

  8. Ah yes, sourcing Yahoo Entertainment for info on clinical trials...

  9. Gmail has a gmail workspace where you pay $13 a month and get a special etc. Personally worth it to look more established and recognizable but to each their own. Honestly you are a individual so create your own brand so it’s easy to remember you. Many teams get their own @ as well. Just in my personal experience it’s more recognizable

  10. It's $6.99 per month for the basic email and basic other services.

  11. I think it’s totally fine. I changed mine to a Gmail when I switched brokerages because the brokerage will cut you off from their email immediately. Now I understand getting your own domain and having an email there but I don’t think it matters that much. I just have my domain name match the

  12. Until someone tries to contact you at your old domain because they have your card from when you worked at the old broker and get an email bounce.

  13. Also no 21yr old is going to want to give her a grandchild for awhile

  14. I’m not a realtor, just wondering - can’t you just not send it and say you did?

  15. We have a code of ethics that we are supposed to follow or else we'd be kicked out of the realtors' associations that we are part of (and in many areas, you have to be a realtor to get MLS access). We could also be reported and lose our licenses. There's much better ways to handle shit like this.

  16. This gave me a laugh. Ugh. I’d honestly be inclined to drop them as clients if they are making me look like an idiot, but your solution was better. Did they ever close on anything, just curious?

  17. I feel like the buyer made themselves look like an idiot, especially if the agent calls first and apologies haha. I mean, I think we all should understand that we're obligated to send any god awful offer our clients ask us to send, even if we tell them that it's going to get laughed at...

  18. Yes... but make sure you don't accidentally hit an electric wire overhead when carrying it and die

  19. Are you sure that’s outdoor and not indoor? Is that including the base & pole or just flag?

  20. It's the outdoor flag and the ... bit you plant into the ground. They have a stand that's a good deal extra if you don't have ground to place it in, though.

  21. Your buyer needs to pony the hell up and close the deal. Their ass can get sued hard (not a lawyer) if he walks.

  22. He thankfully came back down to Earth after seeing a new house that he thought was his dream home and then turned out, like so many properties, to be more eye candy than a nice house in reality. He's out buying new appliances and measured out spaces in the house under contract, so I think we're back on a sane path.

  23. I don't know what the laws are where you are. If this was my client, I'd have to show him the property and even submit an offer if that's what he wanted, while advising him to speak with an attorney about his "options" and possible legal repercussions. "This isn't a good idea, but it's your risk to take," basically.

  24. That's basically what I did, and he came back down to Earth after seeing a house yesterday. Definitely some first-time homebuyer nerves getting to him, especially since this is his first purchase with this many digits in his life! Great guy, but yeah, he definitely seems to think like this HAS to be his forever house and he's totally screwed if he makes the wrong choice and that his dream house might be right around the corner.

  25. We were supposed to get a gift?!?!

  26. Only if the realtor ever wants you to send referrals and the thousands of dollars that they're worth to them.

  27. For one house, we were specifically looking for a place that would work for our dog (yard, minimal stairs, space for dog beds). We were really excited to get her out of an apartment and into a house, and we mentioned her repeatedly to the agent during showings. For closing, he got us a dog water fountain, some dog toys and treats, and a toy bin for dog toys. Showed he got how important she was to us, and it was nice that it was personalized to our interests.

  28. I'm closing with my buyer whose purchase was strongly guided by his dog (had to be one story because the dog had some trauma for some reason about going up stairs and needed a fenced in backyard. This makes me think dog goodies all the way.

  29. Talk to my broker and offer X% off your services and ask if they will send emails out to you stating as such. An email directly from you will hit my spam/promotions box and be ignored.

  30. I usually wouldn't give up at this point. The asshole in me wants it to rot for the satisfaction of an "I told you so" conversation as we lower it every 2 weeks until we inevitably end up where I suggested anyway. I'm that level of asshole/petty, especially after I spent the time doing the homework and have the experience/expertise/knowledge to support it.

  31. But you would be out some photography money at the least I would assume...

  32. A bunch of hypocrites in this thread.

  33. Exactly. This is why we all should be using separate phones/#s. We have all jumped head first into the world of non-consensual communication; we need to know how to manage it.

  34. Ahem, it's called nurturing potential leads. This is what passes for a warm lead these days, ya know?

  35. Why is this your goal? I mean it seems random to me. I am a Realtor and my goal is always to help people who need and want my help. With this mindset of truly helping others and serving the public I have built a great business and reputation based on trust. I am consistently a top producer in my area. If you’ve only had one referral people might see you as a shark just looking to make a buck off of them. I don’t knock on doors. Never have. My clients open doors for me by referring their family and friends and coming back to me over the years.

  36. You'd be surprised how many people who earn your money in return for a service are just in it to earn your money. None of us would do this job if we were non-profits who just asked for our gas and marketing to be reimbursed.

  37. Right now you are making on average $28,888 a month and on track to make $346,666 for the year. This leaves you with a $154,444 deficit from you goal. With only 7.5 months remaining in the year that means you have to generate an additional $20,444.44 a month to hit your goal. Going forward, every month you don’t make $49,333.33 will require you to earn that deficit in the subsequent months.

  38. One thing to note is that, traditionally, sales aren't flat throughout a year, and one's income would generally increase as the spring homebuying season kicks into high gear.

  39. It would be possible for an inspector to "Note" (read: not "Flag") Pex vs. Copper.

  40. You're thinking of this in terms of how the world currently works. In a world where you can lose your license by not pointing out a problem, everything becomes a problem that needs to be pointed out.

  41. Then on those grounds, not reporting issues with a property that would have clearly been seen by the inspector -- or misrepresenting them or not documenting them properly -- ought to be grounds for losing that license and being held responsible when it finally comes up.

  42. One problem with this is that you assume there's one giant verified book of knowledge that every inspector should know and be able to be tested on. This just isn't the case. There are so many things that highly capable inspectors or even straight up engineers can disagree on, and it would be a real bitch to say inspector A missed what inspector B caught if A saw it but didn't think it was an issue.

  43. I agree with this. Asking for the extra compensation just offers a window into the way the agent thinks. If he believes he should really get 3%, the chance of him going the extra mile on a home that “only” pays 2% is likely slim. This is not in your interest as a buyer.

  44. I honestly don't give a shit if a house is 2%, 3% or 4% buyer's commission. If I get a house under contract, you'll for damn sure be getting the extra mile out of me to get that house closed and keys in your hands. The hard work has already been done. Hell, for example, I'm currently in month 5 of trying to find a damn house for a picky buyer right now. Most of your time as a buyer's agent is going around showing, so unless I somehow can see the future and know a buyer will choose tomorrow's 3% house instead of today's 2% house, I'm going to do whatever it takes to get him that 2% house because that 3% house tomorrow might not happen and may only happen in 5 months with some of these people.

  45. Since you didn't manage expectations up front, you should show it to him.

  46. We're well past that. He's even had his pre-approval upped, and he's put in offers and we've had the "if you give a $400k offer and attach a $375k pre-approval, you're not going to get accepted" talk.

  47. If he's pre approved for $375 how much is he new listing he'd like to see?

  48. He got upped to $420k recently and wanted to see a $435k. Actually, he was able to go to an open house for the $435k today, but he says there were a lot of people and he doesn't want to get into a bidding war. Feel like telling him to not buy in Atlanta then haha

  49. Ohh this is just because my buyer doesn't realize how he needs to offer $50k over.

  50. FTHB hopeful here, and couch surfing in a town where my new job is because both rentals and purchases are whipped into an unreasonable frenzy. Where are people getting all this money?!

  51. Depends where you live. We got a ton of people from much higher COL areas with cash to spend.

  52. You need to fire the agent. Buyer agents do so much more work than listing agent. I cannot think of any scenario having an agreement like this would benefit you. Imagine buyer agents skew their buyers and not to show your house because they will receive less commission?

  53. "You can deduct ordinary and necessary auto and travel expenses related to your rental activities, including 50% of meal expenses incurred while traveling away from home." Reported on schedule E line 6

  54. Schedule E is for passive income. Agents do not use Schedule E for their work as agents.

  55. Would you rent to someone with no credit score? That's the problem one of my kids ran into. She had enough money and savings to pay well over 6 months worth of rent in cash at signing and income that could handle the payments, but she didn't have a credit score Because she doesn't buy things if she can't afford to pay for them.

  56. It's a CREDIT score. CREDIT. A credit score =/= financial responsibility. A credit score = indication of history of paying for things you promised to pay.

  57. Zero ROI and now they have to Uber to funerals, etc. it’s their only car.

  58. Yeah you really need that car to be devoted to 1 purpose if you're gonna wrap it.

  59. There's a way easier answer than what everyone else is saying here.

  60. Yep him if he talks to another agent it’s like cheating on his spouse but he’s cheating on his realtor. Tell him if he does it again you’ll fuck his wife. That’s what I do

  61. What u do finally? I won’t be mad

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