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  1. Youโ€™ll be surprised to know that my wife is an independent human being, free will and all. I have zero control over her and vice versa.

  2. Yes you dont have control over her. But her actions have consequences and so do yours. As a man remember you got options and you are still too young to put up with something you dont like. Mpee space ajipange na wewe uendelee kujijenga. Exercise your options.

  3. we need a no-nonsense DPP ndio afanye clean up ya hawa mpigs and other govt figures engaged in impunity. DPP mwenye akona strong say na purpose

  4. He has to manually scour the results from each of the 42000 piling stations and input the data on his back end. If he can do it at a rate of a blusteringly fast 1 minute per station, it'll take him 3 days to fill up all the data. 3 days without sleep, just doing this and nothing else. It's just not possible. Amejaribu, it's a brilliant concept, and I hope he can monetize it for future display of info

  5. Shida si functionality. Shida ni forms are in picture form. You have to manually tally the votes. Ata media houses zimestruggle and they have hundreds of employees to do the tallying. This is just one guy.

  6. Sasa nimekuget. Anywa kuna za Mombasa county in 2 weeks. It can be tested the

  7. Ruto said his government wonโ€™t capture state institutions. If this is true Didmus will get locked up. But Iโ€™m quite sure if Didmus was in Azimio or Jubilee nothing would have happened to him like nothing happened to Babu

  8. The guy whose office was associated with the death of Kenei and he never tried to push the case to its resolution? I doubt it!

  9. Exactly this is what I'm afraid of huyu msee anaeza tukalia and he's young tena

  10. Looting itakua hii kenya na violation of human rights itakua ngori.. Na akishinda parliament majority sasa kutakua na little checks to the executive's power How can a DP legitimately have 1 home worth more than 1 billion? Na Gachagua a former DC/DO akitransact billions. Kwanza how do you withdraw billions uache account na 700k?

  11. Backwards people.. kama kwetu mtoi angemea meno ya juu kwanza alikua anatupwa kwa kichaka. Watu lefthanded pia walikua shunned

  12. In our culture watoto walikua wanatupwa ufala sana juu ya superstition. Watu pia walikua wanatengwa na public for stupid things based on ignorance and superstition. The past is not as enjoyable as you think. For one i cannot sleep on a straw bed na nimezoea dr Mattress

  13. haha ata sijaingia but najua tu kuna mhindi anasimama langata... that is enuf for MCA

  14. Bodybuilding is broken down mainly into these categories: Mass, Conditioning, Proportions, Symmetry, and Posing.

  15. This must be a slut (not shaming.. it's a term used for women who like sleeping around. Nothing wrong with that) who intends for a Kinuthia (simp) to raise her children sired elsewhere.

  16. infanticide due to lack of biological relations. Yours is a valid argument

  17. Usijitengenezee shida haiko. Work on yourself first because if you cannot love yourself how can another person love you? Charity begins at home (solving the body positivity alongside other issues such as trust between you two

  18. Budget ya 40k? wewe ni sonko OP.. Tupatane BS tukule nyama as we set the plan in motion...

  19. Take care of the child in secret. Everything will come to light in a few years when your mama is too invested to leave you.

  20. I'm so proud of him but he deserves better. This is why all athletes shouldn't hesitate if they're poached by another nation that will treat them like the stars they are. Kenya is such a shit country I hate how officials don't rate artists and sports personalities.

  21. Well put. We should hold our officials to a higher standard and we need a no-nonsense political class

  22. I soak them in warm water and it reduces the effect

  23. The president can only do so much without the support of the legislature. So even if he becomes president and does not have mps or senators, he cant sustain his agenda

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