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"be yourself" honestly my 13th reason. Dating is a nightmare. I give up

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  1. Why didnt they just kill him? Some legal fuckery preventing them or? Hes clearly never getting out with that sentence

  2. There was a separate jury trial to determine whether or not he’d receive a death sentence, but the jury deadlocked, saving him from the death penalty.

  3. Crazy what a few bags of fertilizer can do.

  4. It is interesting (and terrifying) to think that all it took to pull off the deadliest terror attack in America prior to 9/11 was a truck full of fertilizer. The al-Qaeda guys had everyone in this massive network get pilot training and coordinate the exact flights to hijack so as to maximize confusion, and meanwhile two bumfuck rednecks were able to kill 168 people on their own.

  5. I’m still haunted by that famous photo of the Black September terrorist wearing the balaclava during the 1972 Munich massacre

  6. More like he got the shit beaten out of him because he tore up another prisoner’s photo of his daughter because she was “dressed promiscuously”

  7. Israel is a very hot country. One shouldn't underestimate the thirst ;)

  8. This will not end as well as some people think. In the US we are moving far past abortion culture war wise and now the Supreme Court took us back to it. And the shootings issue is boiling up. Women take their abortion rights seriously. Why stack the odds against yourself when inflation has handed you an easy W and nobody can stop it?

  9. If there is a political issue that will cause a Second American Civil War, I think it’s abortion. That’s literally why the Libertarian Party is on Twitter calling for “national divorce” in response to this.

  10. The libertarian to fascist pipeline is real, and culture war bullshit is the easiest way to tell how far they are along in the pipeline. Nice to see some libertarians never got caught up in that shit.

  11. If you think falsely demonizing White women/Whites is good for men's rights, especially White men's rights, then you are a fool. Till should have had a fair trial, but there's no proof at all that he's innocent. Tawana Brawley, now there's someone caught in a false accusation.

  12. Emmett Till was accused of whistling at a woman or grabbing her hand, neither of which actually warrant any sort of criminal trial

  13. This really sucks. Dating should not be a nightmare for you, because honestly you’re extremely handsome😂

  14. Ah yes famously pro-controlling women’s bodies libertarians

  15. I swear one day Israel is going to make a peace deal that recognizes a Palestinian state and these fuckers are gonna say Israel is “Palestinewashing” or something

  16. Polish Jews are not ethnically Polish, at least not completely. They are descended from Jews who came from what is modern-day Israel, even if they haven't lived there for a long time. I say not completely because there was a certain amount of intermarriage with European women when the first Jewish traders came to that part of the world.

  17. Not necessarily. Many believe that the Beta Israel are the descendants of King Solomon and his Ethiopian wife Sheba.

  18. Let’s see what it looks like on gedmatch :)

  19. Definitely more wholesome than your other post from your trip :D

  20. Lmao thanks. Irish Tinder was quite the experience😂

  21. Really nice story to hear, happy you had such a great time. Don't be a stranger now, and make sure you get back over to Ireland again.

  22. This was the third time visiting so far! Hoping for many more!

  23. Fuck Greg Steube. Conservatives love their “individual liberties” when it means gun rights but not when it means

  24. She's got big tits. That's probably all she needs.

  25. I mean yeah I swiped right (even though I’m Jewish) mostly because of those bad boys. I’m not really in a position to have standards lol.

  26. Lol that demonstrates it all. She has no need to be anything but the most basic.

  27. Neither gun owners nor those seeking abortions deserve this level of scrutiny IMO

  28. I emailed them shortly after you commented this, and they still haven’t responded. Is it normal for them to take this long?

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