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  1. I see these in my Home Depot on a regular basis. I’m in Wisconsin. Could pick one up for you if you want

  2. Really? With the pink?? That would be amazing!

  3. Yep! I will stop by tomorrow and check to see. I’ll PM you!

  4. I think you should go to the event, it might help you feel better 🌸

  5. Those plates have lead in them :(

  6. seems to depend on the year they were manufactured

  7. I can’t tell if your joking or if you really don’t know he’s her fiancé 😂

  8. Diana and her fiancé 🤢 “he’s a child” “he really grew up a lot”

  9. They branded the sceptics as nazis. They said „safe and highly effective“ while it was obviosly not. They pressured me massivly to take it.

  10. Maybe because the skeptics compared the vaccine to the Holocaust? Just a thought.

  11. it is such a weird coincidence that the people claiming they know dozens of people who died or had complications from the vaccine have been posting anti-vax/conspiracy stuff for years, yet no one I know even knows anyone who had a mild complication from the vaccine besides the usual fatigue and soreness immediately after.

  12. Right? And they all have a funeral parlor friend lol

  13. It’s not ideal but by no means is a lotus birth very scary. CPS will not be involved for this

  14. Just get on a date with Erick, she got upset about her estranged mom

  15. Do she and Alec have air tight NDAs on each other? I’m pretty decent at keeping secrets but I think I’d have a tough time keeping my lips sealed with this big of a bombshell.

  16. I honestly don’t think anyone other than us would care that much. Especially if she spun it well

  17. I feel you must have some sort of a deficit. You are admitting to it really by 'diagnosing me as unwell' - but you are just looking into a mirror. I have developed the sense just lately that the provaxxers are simply afflicted with a deficit - they are disconnected from their own sense and intuitive faculty and indeed can be confronted with the faces of profoundly corrupt and evil people and see nothing wrong. But sub-consciously they are triggered into a religious evangelism - all for the purpose of denial of unconscious pressure. It is a terrible indisposition - an agony of fear that they are living through.

  18. You’re not helping your cause

  19. I have no cause - I report my sensations. For me the self is a route to the other - for you the other is a route to the self.

  20. How will you be profiting from this? Who is this information helping?

  21. They’re writing a book, why are you so triggered?

  22. They’re volunteering and the cards are on the table already

  23. I’ve done mushrooms a few times while on Zoloft and I was okay but don’t take that as permission lol

  24. She’s had room to grow since the first season. As long as she has ppl reasoning away her bad behavior Kyle will never change. She’s an insecure mean girl who’s always trying to be the group It girl and she never will be.

  25. Right but in this regard she already has grown, and here y’all are shitting on her for it

  26. Grown how? She’s the same Kyle. That’s the point. She’s had her chance to grow and she hasn’t.

  27. Her comments on addiction in the most recent episode are a sign of growth

  28. This is gross and toxic. Can’t wait to read y’all’s hypocritical posts when people talk about mental health and bullying

  29. That’s a long Google search

  30. It does look like caps there 😬 any dentists know if that would be something that would be required in her situation?

  31. These types of silver caps are pretty much exclusively used for primary aka “baby teeth” they don’t hold up well on adult teeth bc they aren’t fitted exactly to the tooth. They come in a variety of prefab sizes and are basically meant to fall off with the primary tooth after a few months/a year

  32. Most of the comments YOU see are genuine

  33. Do not engage operative. This is a troll. I repeat this is a troll. Anything you throw at it is useless.

  34. Idk homie the “troll” isn’t the one getting downvoted. Y’all need to go touch some grass

  35. Bravado? It’s facts. Go sell fake mushrooms to someone in Philly. See how it goes

  36. Yes I 100% notice this and am bothered by it!

  37. Do teenagers get easier?! Dear lord. Tell me they get easier. I may not have hair left by the time the second one graduates high school.

  38. They get better, but it’s so slow that you hardly notice and then they’re out of the house

  39. lmao if they have a child together they are by definition family

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