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  1. I watched it without sound and thought it was fine. Then I read this comment and turned on the sound, and now I’m confused about how to feel. I think it is good. I think it is bad.

  2. I'm an Uber driver and only about 25% of people tip.

  3. If at possible, tip with cash. If still choose to tip in the app. DO NOT tell your drivers that you will tip in the app. That almost guarantees getting low rated. It's become a common thing for some riders to say "I'll tip you in the app", but then not actually tip.

  4. Every time someone says they’ll tip, they don’t tip. It’s like, why even say anything at all about a tip?

  5. Yes. I had 20 minutes left in a window to score one trip to start the consecutive. Crickets. 12:03 and back to back to back rides :(

  6. Of course. They’re such bullshit artists. They entice you into thinking you’re gonna be making money hand over fist that day, but then just when you’re about to hit your numbers, they make it so that you can’t. Feels bad man.

  7. 4.99. 3,125 rides. Chicago. My ratings went up when I stopped engaging in conversation, oddly. I play whatever the fuck music I want, and I get complimented regularly for my musical taste. The only thing that sucks is that I regularly get cheated out of my consecutive trips bonuses, I get shitty riders who suck, and I’ve been sexually harassed on several occasions.

  8. What a nonsense thing to do. Just sneak it in in your underwear band. So many extra steps and wasted time. This is dumb.

  9. Finally continuing my marathon after stupid Christmas interrupted it. Why are there 2 Halloween II's?

  10. Unlike many, I think, I really love "Point Me at the Sky." It's somewhat goofy, Sgt. Pepper-era psychedelic pop... but I think it's by far best the stab Floyd took at it after Syd's departure. I love how the pre-chorus sounds almost like punk or some kind of proto-metal.

  11. I think it’s kinda fucked how much hate Zimmer gets here. How many of us would have handled this level of stress better than he did? All and all he’s one of the better coaches this franchise has had, just didn’t work out. But I definitely wish him the best and am glad to see him smile.

  12. Anyone who throws hate at Zimmer is probably either a 12 year old kid or a person who invests way too much of their life into a sport.

  13. The coke part is the hardest to believe. How in the world can middle class 16 year olds afford good blow?

  14. I mean, I did a lot of blow in high school. I had a job.

  15. Oh fuck, was that your entire check? The primary reason I’ve never done drugs is that I’m way too cheap. I couldn’t even enjoy the high if I knew I was snorting $100+ up my nose. I’d probably cry.

  16. Yeah, it was expensive. I was just a little shit with an authority complex, though. So I didn’t really think too hard about blowing all my money on drugs.

  17. For a camp leg though, We could have drafted Tyler Huntley there haha, but really Slick Rick probably would have blew the pick but we will never know.

  18. He's wearing a completely dishonest t-shirt.

  19. I’ll give you a billion Stanley Nickels if you never talk to me again.

  20. Yepp. Pam and Roy almost got to 2nd base on Jim's desk while he's sitting there, but Pam can't handle having to forward a call from his girlfriend

  21. For some reason there's a hate towards Zero amongst a lot of the Phish community, it's such a great song with an awesome jam segment... I don't get the hate.

  22. There’s no hate if you aren’t listening to Reddit or PT.

  23. Is it horrible of me to think that any man with a giant cowboy belt buckle is a complete yokel?

  24. Southern culture is sad. The parents probably encourage it because, let’s face it, these people have nothing going for them besides shitting out more uneducated dipshits over and over again.

  25. My sister is from Iowa and has 4 kids from 3 different dads and started when she was 16. Trashiness isn’t subjugated to the south only. It’s also prominent over at my sister’s house.

  26. David Prowse was so bad. He just sounds like a sniveling little pansy who doesn’t know how to make words sound menacing.

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