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I took these photos during the first day of the George Floyd protests on May 29th 2020 in Atlanta

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[Highlight] Charles Barkley: “The Lakers are such wussies. I say that because I can't say the word I want. The way they have tried to throw Westbrook & Vogel under the bus is pissing me off.” Ernie: “We got a guest standing by.” Charles: “The Lakers still suck when we get back from this interview.”

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  1. When I’m scared (i.e. every time I step out of my house)

  2. And this is why the election between Trump and Biden was way closer than it should have been.

  3. Yeah, they've been over 30k for certain trims for many years

  4. My theory: the 2022 model year was supposed to be a mild facelift, but Mazda is delaying it until 2023. This dealer (Mazda Tustin) just jumped the gun.

  5. We have the best propaganda in the world

  6. North Korean propaganda: A tree literally instantly sprouted in front of Kim Il Sung to guard him from a hail of bullets by would-be assassins. Kim, of course, returned fire and hit all of them with headshots.

  7. Please tell me it's an automatic!

  8. Steph being an MVP candidate is laughable considering he isn't even the most valuable player on his TEAM. Look at the Warriors' record without Draymond.

  9. Took the chinese less than a year to make 'em look like discounted gas station garbage. Such a shame.

  10. Some Cold Steel knives already looked like discounted gas station garbage lol

  11. Russia is the 40+ year-old dude at the YMCA thinking he can bully the younger guys in a game of pickup because he used to be good in high school/college, until that career-ending ACL tear.

  12. How have the Lakers thrown Westbrook under the bus?

  13. Tapioca Express on McKee. Get you a milk tea while you're there, goes great with fried/spicy food.

  14. You can be victimized while carrying a gun

  15. You could walk down the street and have a piano fall on your head.

  16. "I refuse to be a victim" implies that being a victim is impossible while carrying a gun. I'm just pointing out that that's not true.

  17. Battlefield 2. These were the exact speakers I used when I played that game.

  18. Question: Do you (or anybody else here) believe this beast will appear as described in Scripture?

  19. I honestly believe maturing is realizing Lavar is actually a great father

  20. He had his sons for the sole purpose of becoming NBA players. Completely selfish intentions. Pushing them to do well in basketball over literally everything else does not make him a great father in my eyes.

  21. And it's much harder to be killed by a stray stabbing than a stray shooting.

  22. He told the cop “muévete muévete muévete”(move move move) and then told the barber “no te metas con-“ (don’t mess with-) just before the cop started shooting, so probably a personal/criminal beef.

  23. I think we should avoid slang terms like "smoked" that can be unclear.

  24. Listening to covid talk is super fustrating now days. The amount of self lying is astonishing. And this clip was a prime example. When he gets clear evidence that hes been wrong for months now and doesnt react to it, man, it just breaks my heart tbh. I was, and still am a huge fan of the podcast. But he really, really should come clear with the reality of what he has become, everything opposite of whats he has been preaching for years before going down this road.

  25. Portland is not at all a “dangerous” city by American standards.

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