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I'm *trying* to date and I encounter this constantly. WHY is it such a big deal that I choose not to drink alcohol??

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  1. my heart only breaks for the doctors who have to put up with people like Morgan and Paul who spread misinformation about what the ‘best type of birth is’ and then proceed to not give thanks to the people who essentially saved her baby??

  2. just in the middle of reading the article now, had to jump on here and see if anyone else has seen it! written very well, and appreciate that her 2nd husband was also called out.

  3. I’ve never really heard the kids speak before but this is so upsetting. She’s completely unsocialised, can’t string a coherent sentence together, repeating herself, and sounding like she’s reading of a script that Jill’s written for her.

  4. This is amazing! Did you make it? Highly recommend your daughter reading the books as well. I still read and enjoy them as an adult

  5. one minced garlic glove is making me sad :( no seasoning for you.

  6. Jesus Christ, what does it feel like to have sex with a partner after an argument and saying ‘we won’t get through this tonight but let’s just have sex’. These two are so dumb and dangerous in the crap they’re saying.

  7. Vile and disturbing to see HK become so backwards at the will of some tyrant. Fuck the CCP, this is the book everyone should be burning.

  8. I’ve used Dame in the past because they sell in Boots in the UK, and I’m always looking for more sustainable period products.

  9. Top tier trashy behaviour and honestly just such a lack of self awareness my god.

  10. I like the Noodle Shop Mystery Murders by Vivien Chien.

  11. Get rid of the question mark next to ‘jerk?’. Tim is definitely a jerk.

  12. It annoys me so much how she’s charging $2k for her scam-course and can’t even be bothered to spell check her post.

  13. I understand that ‘can’t wait to see what’s in store’ is a saying but coming from her it sounds akin to literally shopping for her new accessory and that disgusts me.

  14. Gross, but also I love the ✨no✨, jazzes it up a little

  15. i feel so bad for her kids, who she just up and left. she just takes no responsibility whatsoever!

  16. Thank you for letting us know about them - I was following on Instagram but just unfollowed.

  17. I didn’t realise how unstable these knots were the first time I came across one when I was knitting and a couple rows further up the whole thing just unravelled. As a bad knitter it was horrible to have to frog and start over. Have learned my lesson now whenever I knit / crochet I always undo and do them myself

  18. there’s 2 standing tickets available right now on ticket master!

  19. There’s a 6 yr age gap and they dated for 4 years…they would’ve been 16 and 22 when they started dating…

  20. She's been married 4 years, not dating. She doesn't say anywhere in the post how long they dated, and most fundies date for less than 2 years before marriage.

  21. The Bakerloo line has the bounciest / highest seats on the tube.

  22. This was wholesome as hell, the fact that he repeated the show at the end a couple times just in case

  23. Went to go see Revolution of our Times yesterday at the Prince Charles cinema and it was so incredibly moving.

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