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  1. Those D pairings were something else. Showed that the young guys still have a ways to go. Mack saved that from being a total blood bath.

  2. Yeah, that first period was ROUGH. Lots of turnovers in dangerous areas of the defensive zone. I'm hoping our regular defensive corps can play better than that.

  3. Keep in mind we only had 2 NHL caliber players on D that were split on 2 different lines until the last 8 minutes. We’ll be fine.

  4. Palat heard everyone bitching about his signing due to his contract and was determined to shut them up.

  5. Georgiev Dano? I guess the Avalanche asked for a refund.

  6. They clearly have regret in their eyes. They deserve a treat.

  7. Okay. So sitting down and reflecting we’re not totally fucked. We can still have H2O as the first line and have Mercer take 2C with Zetterlund taking Mercer’s wing position on the third line. Not great but not totally fucked. We have a lot of forwards who can play center.

  8. Apparently Blackwood is also not feeling well. Well boys our season lasted…0 games this year before getting cursed.

  9. Do the Devils had an issue with this? Would love to know the full story

  10. Heineken on debut night for the third Jersey was sponsoring and giving out themed beer coozies. So Heineken didn’t take kindly to another company using the design so the Devils shut the other company down. Still wish I got one of those coozies the sub was of course going crazy trying to buy them off people.

  11. Did the Devils shut the other company down totally? I thought the company was still operating they just can't make "Beer" beer.

  12. Yeah poor phrasing there. Just stopped the beer beer. Sorry about that.

  13. If you thought to yourself, “I want to hear a competent play by play hockey caster.” chances are you’d imagine hearing Bill’s voice. It was good.

  14. Keep calm…it’s only the preseason…keep calm…CUP RUN BABY!!!!!!

  15. Palat is looking solid. I’m starting to get real excited about that signing. We’ll worry about that contract in a few years, but by then the cap is projected to increase significantly.

  16. YEAH FUCK THE OLDER DEVILS. i actually don’t hate the devils alumni but I hate when we play against you.

  17. Daws needed to have that one. He gave up some really weak goals in the prospect tournament.

  18. Anyone else find it super encouraging that this year we have multiple beat reporters compared to last year? I feel like that’s a sign of expectations for this team. That they’ll be news worthy again.

  19. If you have access to the NHL Network, check this week’s schedule, because taped replays of the Devils against the Habs, and later against (edit: NYI) and NYR, will be available.

  20. Is it confirmed not to be a blackout? Anytime they’ve advertised a Devils game it was blocked and they were playing a different game instead.

  21. This is basically where I expect us to be for the year which is borderline playoff bubble.

  22. “After both scrimmages, Brendan Smith and Erik Haula were both talking about the scrimmage as if it were a game with points on the line. Critical of their team's play, saying things like 'it wasn't good enough'.

  23. I read that they will be an optional add on for their “team” online store on the nhl shop and the physical stores would only have ads. That was months ago though.

  24. App looks great. Now please work on the audio for the interviews. You can barely hear the players talk and you rarely hear the question.

  25. This 100%. I shouldn’t have to plug in my headphones and turn up the volume to a dangerous level to hear the interviews. There are high schools with better audio mixing.

  26. Out of no where Bernier starting in this and he looks AWFUL

  27. His last reported time frame for return was thanksgiving. At this point I’m surprised he’s even on the ice.

  28. It is crazy to me that Bernier is going to be playing in this.

  29. You mean a Rangers fan took a light hearted jab overly serious? How surprising!

  30. WOOO!!!! Internal conflict on my rival team!

  31. Jack's interview imo was a bit rough, maybe he was just tired, but he didn't seem too confident or excited at all. He seemed annoyed at the similar line of questioning which is understandable, but you listen to Smith here and it's night and day.

  32. He got asked a lot of the same questions he was asked during media day in Vegas. Jack’s always been 50/50 with interviews sometimes they are great sometimes they are awful. It takes a bit to break the ice with him, but if you manage to make him laugh and loosen up a bit he has more fun with it.

  33. One of those interviews from a veteran where it’s very clear that he is actually excited to be putting on the red and black. It doesn’t seem like he’s in it for a check, but that he’s excited to be a Devil. He also wants to help guide the younger players on and off the ice. Talked about the physical nature of his game and stepping up for his team. Highly recommend listening to it when you get a chance. There was just a genuine passion in his voice that was missing in a lot of the other players today.

  34. People can call them whatever the hell they want. At the end of the day the NHL calls them jerseys and the manufacturer calls them jerseys. If anything calling them sweaters now is old school slang.

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