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  1. No! No mistake, that is what they do. They give you the newest model as a replacement and goodwill gesture

  2. Can confirm, they do this regularly when it keeps failing benchmarks. It’s very nice of them

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  4. Glad I already got my answer. I get that you guys want to use the stickied threads but the reality is that they don’t get nearly the amount of views as a thread would, and it’s very hard to get questions answered in a timely manner.

  5. I’ve never had any restrictions with a VIP pass aside from when I was on a pit box, no cameras up there. Everything else is fair game. As far as bags, I always take a standard backpack, that’s at KY and Indy. You would probably have to adhere to the policy at Richmond for that.

  6. I have this same one. It’s a winners circle special edition pack, I’d also love to know what it’s worth though.

  7. When I was there for the truck nationals there was a guy that had some die cast. If you really want to know of a place I can DM you a place that’s 15 miles down the road.

  8. It's time to realize outside of Harvick, early 10's Tony, and a couple other seasons, this is SHR on average.

  9. I feel like they’d do well to downsize, but they can’t per the Ford contract. RCR has gradually improved since downsizing a number of years ago.

  10. They were at some point a few years ago. In 2020 all their cars made the playoffs. They’ve just really fallen off.

  11. I agree. Post-2020 has just been rough for them, with the exception of the 4 car.

  12. Man you just keep adding to the greatest Harvick diecast collection of all time haha. Great pickups!

  13. Your work is really good, so honestly I hope you sell a bunch of these. Good luck!

  14. I won a $1.10 once but not enough for the threshold for payout

  15. Local sale would be the best. Like others said, you could sell them for $5-10 each individually but shipping is where you’ll lose all your profit on these.

  16. Fanatics takes a notoriously long time to ship diecasts. Way longer than Lionel and Circle B.

  17. They are probably closer to the person who does than you think. But yeah, it’s no indication of an actual deal

  18. Instead of playoff race meetups, I’d rather see meetups at tracks with camping spots. It would be sweet to get an

  19. Nice collection! I’ll have to go through mine at some point, but for now they live in totes as well lol

  20. Mine got waves 4, 5, 6, and 7 all at once. They probably had them sitting there unstocked because the test cars hadn’t sold.

  21. I’ve bought many cars from Matt and can confirm he’s a great seller. Would recommend!

  22. I love the classic Nascar jackets. Basically there’s 2 kinds, there’s one that some teams use with no banding at the waist or wrists, and the one called the “JH Design” or “Chase Authentics Driver’s Line” with banding at the waist and wrists to give it a more bomber jacket-style look.

  23. That’s awesome. I get 28 on the 2.5 and it always impresses me. My last car got 17-18, lol.

  24. That’s rich coming from the spotter of a guy who drove around under the same circumstances as Williams 2 years ago and DIDN’T get parked.

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