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  1. I guess the theory is the people who can afford paddock packages can probably afford to get price gouged even further. Super scummy.

  2. It’s only for 1 day. It was 649 but now it’s 949. They limit capacity to 30 people.

  3. For being limited to 30 people, I’d say $949 isn’t actually terrible. It just sucks that it was previously offered so much lower.

  4. Good. I liked rooting for ThorSport way more as a Ford team than a TRD team.

  5. It’s an auction so someone is willing to pay that

  6. Not true. Diecast auctions are notoriously bad for fake bids. I bet only half of these at most actually get fulfilled.

  7. I think parking is uniform at most of the septa stations? So like a dollar a day. I’ve had no trouble overnight parking at other stations, although I haven’t had to use the new Wawa Station.

  8. Yeah the sellers add a dollar a year to 1:64’s and it’s taxing

  9. I hope they don’t kill off Indiana Jones. Sick of all these “let’s wait a long ass time then make a final send off just to kill off the main character” movies being made. Let us just have positive closure with the characters we grew to love

  10. That’s not the problem. Snap is a failing company. This guy (similar to Elon) wants the press to be about something other than the app’s growing irrelevance. He put out a press release that fucks over his employees and makes him seem like some anti-woke captain of industry, but this is very poorly thought out. As an investor my key question is whether you’re attracting and retaining top talent that will help drive a profitable product. If the answer isn’t a resounding yes, then you are failing as a leader.

  11. If they aren’t profitable now, then what’s it matter to change up your strategy? I don’t think it’s a leadership thing , I just think it’s the business model. Same deal as Twitter

  12. PTC. Ugh. I’ll still get them because the ones they picked are awesome, but FWIW I skipped the entire wave 4.

  13. I’ve found 1 before. I refuse to buy them on eBay too, I feel like that ruins the point of the “chase” to find them lol

  14. Does anyone know why the edition numbers are so random? Most things are limited to the nearest 100, 50, 10000, 25 etc. Nascars have the strangest edition sizes 1 of 372, 665, 4921 etc.

  15. It’s based on the number from distributor purchases + number of preorders placed.

  16. Did that song just go “I’ve got some famous friends you’ve probably never heard of?” Because that might be the dumbest lyric I’ve heard in a while.

  17. I mean it makes sense lol. Like someone can be famous but you’re talking to a different kind of person who isn’t like you and wouldn’t know them. It’s from a Kane Brown song

  18. I’ve heard good things about the one in Malvern. Know a guy who used to work there, apparently they do classes and stuff too

  19. Any list where Kevin Harvick ends up being near the top is a list I like.

  20. Here you go. You probably won’t find a higher quality/resolution version that hasn’t simply been upscaled. It was made back before the age of high quality digital media, haha.


  22. Thanks for the info! Looks like it's sold out, so I'll have to search around for someone selling

  23. dime by kirk. wanna see some positive comments in here for our boy

  24. It would make sense that more tickets would give you a better shot. In my opinion its kinda scummy all the people cheating the system and spamming share to rack up thousands of tickets. Wish GOAT would add a max ticket limit at like 1k per item

  25. Not really surprised and probably not related to what happened with him. They made so many repeats and close colorways that resale is nothing like it used to be, seems like they targeted items that people would try to flip afterwards. Good luck flipping 350's nowadays lol

  26. Lots of tapping lol I have kids who help

  27. Lol that's some bullshit play to win IMO but I guess good for you. Not the spirit of the raffle

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